With their recently released third coming to Axwell’s Axtone Records, ‘Here We Go‘, topping the charts, Hard Rock Sofa return to the more melodic realms of Dance music for their debut installment on Calvin Harris’ Fly Eye Records. Built with the bigger festival speakers close to mind, the burly low-end surges and euphoric lead play make for one of the more peruasive peak timers of the season. Where their recent releases sit on the heavier side of Hard Rock Sofa’s studio output over the past few years, the quavering synths and rhythmic drum work of ‘Starlight’ continue to showcase the Russian duo’s affinity for versatility while matching that of Calvin Harris’ sense for what’s a hit and what’s not for a triumphant first appearance on Fly Eye.

‘Starlight’ will be released July 30 on Fly Eye Records.

Update: Official preview now available

Hard Rock Sofa – Starlight

6 Comments to “Preview: Hard Rock Sofa – Starlight [Fly Eye]”

  • very catchy

  • i was there, haha! :D another one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqYz8Xd3Qds

  • generic

  • wow, i am dissapoint. Worst song ive heard in ages

  • looool youre disapointed ! you must be deaf xD

  • Awesome track!!! excited that its coming so soon

    IThe synths do remind me of Walking Alone and you can also hear the laser sound effect from Swanky Tunes ”The Legend”

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