Given the time and progress that has ensued since Deadmau5 dropped his remix of Billy Newton-Davis’s ‘All U Ever Want’, some 2012 remodels for expanding spectrum of Dance music was always going to muster some considerable attention. But with unpretentious stamina and his funky persona at hand DJ PPJerome Robins and MAM set forth to give the classic Deadmau5 manipulation two funky twists for Play Records. Rife with strong filtered beats, deep bass and ascending synth leads, the dexterous trio prove more than apt to extend the shelf life of one of many gems from Joel Zimmerman’s prestigious back catalogue well-before the hysteria that now ensues his mouse-headed moniker.

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deadmau5 vs. Billy Newton-Davis – All You Ever Want (DJ PP vs. Jerome Robins Dub Mix)
deadmau5 vs. Billy Newton-Davis – All You Ever Want (MAM Mix)

Words by Dan Carter

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