Say what you will about the wait, but as the countdown to their highly anticipated ”People of the Night” album grows closer, AN21 and Max Vangeli certainly haven’t lost their melodic charm enroute to this definitive landmark release. Having released their tectonic collaborative effort ‘H8RS’ alongside Steve Angello and the albums title track alongside Tiësto some time ago, tonight’s 15 minute of fame slot saw the premiere of their next vocal instalment ‘Bombs Over Capitals’.

Joined by familiar House top liner Julie McKnight, AN21 and Max’s signature melodic stylings are given an emotively charged extension courtesy of an enchanting vocal line of the utmost quality. As the duos dramatic lead play scales the dynamic beat work and ascending chord developments, it is evident that the ranks of Size Records has inspired a certain spell of creative wonderment for the intoxicating collaborative force.

‘Bombs Over Capitals’ will be released on August 31.

AN21 & Max Vangeli ft. Julie Mcknight – Bombs Over Capitals

Words by Dan Carter

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  • this album will be huge,amazing production,collaborations and vocals . . .hard work for these guys i must say but they didi it for me . . .:)

  • the melody is cool but i think it doesn’t sound loud enough

  • impressive!

  • generic ass fuck
    sounds just like people of the night

  • Much better than People of the Night in my opinion

  • Seroiusly, how is this different from any generic prog house tune as of late? Nice tune, but nothing special

  • Really expect more from an album that has taken this long to produce..

  • there is always someting missing in their drops

  • it’s ok…

  • Julie McKnight represents a golden age of house and trance music for me.

  • the breakdown was pretty good! , then the lead that came in was too, but then the drop wasnt that good..The drops lacks power, especially because when they present the lead it has more bass in it than when it actually drops :(

    Really like the vocals though from julie, did an21 and max write the vocals themselves? If so thumbs up!

    if they fix the drop it could be good! :)

  • Only gripe is that Julie McKnight doesn’t pronounce the ”S” in ”bombs over capitals.”

  • Hahaha…wtf is this?!

  • I really tried.. but I can’t help thinking this is horrible.. I am hoping it’s because of the quality of the rip and that it’s actually not this bad.

  • Fett.

  • @Nat Then you really must have an issue with your hearing. Apart from that, weak track. As always with these two clowns.

  • as mentioned above, soemthing is missing in their drop

  • the only proper track is the one with Michael Woods… hope they have some unheard track on that album aswell, cause this isn’t enought. although, i wouldnt say these tracks are that bad. they are just nothing special. definetly didnt needed 2years to produce it

  • känns som en ‘filler’ faktiskt

  • lol guys. i can’t help it i just have to say it: produce better ’shit’ than their tracks. ofc they’ve got some learning to do if they want to be as succesful as their ‘mentors’. their tracks are like hearing the original version of in my mind after axwell’s mix. you couldn’t tell what, but something is missing. but you must have noticed that these tracks still sound very good, and they’ve found their own style with whisper, story, or this far, just to mention a few. i’m telling you guys, this duo is goin all the way up.

  • really really really hate this track.. can’t really say I liked anything in this track except the build-up. But other than that, this track is horribe! BUT, the vocals are better than People Of The Night (yes, I know it’s not the same singer, just sayin’)

  • Great vocals but that’s it. It’s a shame when there is so much talent out there when bad produced things like this get’s all the attention.

    Beat my day: I know that you don’t want to step on anyones toes and all but why not step it up one step and be critic when there is no doubt that this is not a good production. It will higher your credibility a lot…

  • vickeiy: I can, now what?

    J: agreed

  • Just like someone said: Great breakdown, but drop lacks power..

  • why will the single be released 24 days after the albulm?!

  • The melody would’ve been so fucking awesome if it wasn’t used in this song. More like a pre 2011-2012 structure, more like a ”How Soon is Now” house vibe. Otherwise, this song grates my nipples. Generic.

  • Love the drop so much. The only slight problem I have with this song, is how quiet the melody is under McKnight’s voice at first. Don’t get me wrong, I love the vocals, but would’ve been nice to have that arp a bit more audible.

  • over all the vocals are very bad arranged, expecally at the second breakdown… but i like the drop!

  • SO FUCKING GOOD! So long since I’ve had goosebumps!

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