Having balanced break neck touring duties with the deployment of his head-turning single ‘Rock The House’, the reputable Wall Recordings flagbearer returns to take on the vocal stylings of Eva Simons once again with a cliché bending remix for Will.I.Am’s chart-topping single ‘Is This Love’. While the studio output of Afrojack has remained inherently characteristic of his national House stylings, his latest step up to realms of popular music packs a few surprises along the way.

Launching from the familiar melodic builds that have pervaded his own personal arsenal of tracks, this heavyset remodel sees the Wall Recordings head honcho dive deeper into the realms of Electro House, replacing the scattered lead work with surging chords and powerful beat work throughout. Furthering the Dutch heavyweights ability to mirror the minority in his own unique manner, his personal take on Will.I.Am’s latest exploit suggests that the road to Afrojack’s hotly anticipated debut album may hold a few more unsuspecting eye-openers.

To be released August 7th.

Words by Dan Carter

11 Comments to “Preview: Will.I.Am & Eva Simons – This Is Love (Afrojack Remix)”

  • Yeahh!

  • This was pretty cool, but please remove those horrible will i am vocals…

  • Is it just me or does afrojack use WAAAAAAY to much sidechain in his tracks?

  • I don’t like that :/ I prefer when Afrojack was more original and in this track he’s just doing like others producers this times : a bass in the nicky romero’s style modulated by some LFO…

  • THIS IS SOME HEAVY SHIT! And yes, he does use waaay to much sidechain, but to me it’s a good thing rather than a bad :)

  • oj det här var riktigt ruttet och trist, inget oväntat tbh

  • Trash.

  • Knock Knock! Who’s There? An Instrumental! An Instrumental Who? Throw in a fucking instrumental cause I hate the vocals! Seriously I would pay an extra dollar to get the track without WIll.I.Am to not be vomiting all over it.

  • Hope there will be an Instrumental track …

  • Victor S. couldnt agree more with you :) <3

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