You don’t need us to remind you that Sweden is looking pretty paramount as far as its contributions to global Dance music are concerned. Maybe it was something in the water, but even the kids are giving its fair share of bonafide legends a run for their money.

As we approach the second from last hurdle of the teeming summer clubbing calendar, new school Swedish Electro House duo Kill FM drop latest track ‘Bully’ as a free download for their rapidly growing following. In a strong echo of the heavyset hallmarks that homeland peers Cazzette have commandeered, ‘Bully’ incorporates a melodic guise of harmonic leads before apexing in a full-fledged assault of grinding chord work and strong low end bass surges. As the duo prepare to play Sweden’s Way Out West festival this summer, this complimentary download packs a significant punch for the duo and shines a light on yet another fine Swedish export to watch out for.


Kill FM – Bully

Words by Dan Carter

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  • Reached download limit, new link:

  • Looking forward to hear more tracks from this duo in near future.

  • Bra jobbat! Kul att se sveriges höga nivå.

  • Inget unikt ljud, men helt klart värd att ladda ned.

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