Fresh off a headlining performance at this year’s Tomorrowland festival in Belgium, Avicii extends the shelf life of his latest single ‘Silhouettes‘ alongside Salem Al Fakir to present his own, remodelled version of the track. In a bid to promote him becoming the face of Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply’s Fall 2012 collection, Tim Bergling teams up with VEVO to release the first taste of his own, gentler take on the ‘Levels’ follow-up. Told to drop this Friday, Avicii’s alternative remix replaces the heavier-set properties of the synths of the original with a crispier and smoother sound to make up a version that is likely to further widen the spread of the already acclaimed single.

The Avicii remix is allegedly released this Friday, August 3rd.

Update: The music video for the remix has been released

In case you would like to compare it to the original:

49 Comments to “Preview: Avicii – Silhouettes (Avicii’s Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Remix)”

  • Lol ”remix”

  • herregud…


  • I hope he got a lot of money doing this, cause it’s so embarrassing ..

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  • not really anything interesting at all in this remix, feels like he only did it for getting in touch with ralph lauren or something, brand sellout thingie.. anyways, I guess people are going to like this just because its avicii.

  • What the hell happened to the kick..? way to big and long for this ”trying-to-sound-like-a-2007-inpetto/kaskade-song”-style. Hmm

  • I find it funny that Ash & Tim both has said that they arent in this for the money. I think it’s safe to say they were both full of shit.

  • To-Do-List:
    -Make the most unoriginal remix ever (check)

  • It surprises me beatmyday even posts this crap

  • well not so good but he did good to make a song for ralph lauren. like cmon he made shitty remix and got millions of dollars, who wouldn’t xD

  • I’m actually gonna say something positive, I kinda liked the calmer vibe of the tune. I wish there was a full version or a longer preview.


  • I honestly despise Avicii at this point. Much rather continue to listen to Arty & Alesso over his garbage. I love his $1 Million dollar charity premise for his most recent tour. Prolly had a skilled tax accountant crunch the numbers and found out he’d pay less taxes by donating part of the profits. Sell Out

  • Yeah, I think Avicii is going to cancel the deal with Ralph Lauren when he reads these comments……. or?

  • Like it

  • i actually kind of like the sound with that monster kick, but i think this would be something you can give away for free.

  • Hahahah ni är alla sååå jävla avis!! Alla ni som trycker ner Avicii är antagligen misslyckade djs/producenter som inte kan ge honom detta?! Vad är era problem! Om ni är så sjukt mycket bättre gör nått åt det och sluta hänga på bmd 24/7 o trycka ner framgångsrika djs som kommit dit pga den musiken de gör! Och kom inte o säg att jag har fel nu, om ni inte gillar det tråkigt för er! Han har 2,4 milj fans på facebook och jag tror inte att han bryr sig om den 0,1% som alltid är haters. Segt för er att han han är ekonomiskt oberoende samtidigt som ni sitter här o blajjar. Skärp er nu och styr upp er själva om det är så jävla enkelt.

    Btw. tycker denna mixen är bättre en orginalet.

  • Wtf is wrong with the new one srslys guys? It sounded great and more electro based. Looking forward to it

  • Ändå rätt skön, lite mer laidback chill låt.

  • lol…. sellout

  • Den var ju riktigt skön ju, fan blir det sånt jävla tjaffs för? Dra åt helvete

  • Really? You really think that this mix is for ”music” porpuses? HAHAH This commercial deals on music, sucks, because people will fall in it too. Music is for my ears, not to sell clothes to me.


  • While working on the original version of ”Silhouettes”, Avicii might’ve done several versions that could’ve worked as a final version for the commercial release. I doubt that this particular version was actually made specifically for this campaign, my guess is that this is one of the takes that fell off during the selection process of what would be most commercially viable. As soon as Salem came in to the picture as a vocalist for the original, Avicii and concerned people might’ve had the idea to release this version as a complement to the original, but hesitated for various reasons (such as being shown interest for this version from Ralph Lauren in some way).

    Whether or not it is right or wrong for Avicii to be a part of this advertising has plenty of interesting aspects. One of the aspects is that hardcore fans will label him as sell out – although, what divides a sell out dj/producer from someone who isn’t? Others will be happy and full of anticipation for getting a new take on their favorite song.

  • i think it sounds more laid back than the original which is cool to me. and who the fuck cares if he does it for the money !?

  • Ofcourse this mix is not to pleasure other audiences, it’s solely to feature in some Ralph Lauren commercial because the original was too big for runways or fashion commercials and such. As Norling said it sounds much more like fashion. It has great free download potential imo haha. Musically, I think this track could be very easy listening.

  • sluta hata på timpan fan :)

  • @assassinator

    Except as far as I’m concerned this isn’t even Avicii. What the fk is this garbage and why is Avicii’s name attached to it. Avicii’s Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Remix? Tell me that doesn’t scream sellout.

    So disappointed, I almost cringe even seeing his name anymore……..

  • This is great and all, but is there any release date on the Nari & Milani mix? Or the other version he played at Tomorrowland?

  • Lol everyone is going crazy on avicii instead of listening to the track, which is way less commercial than the original, good job Avicii :)

  • I’m as big a critic as you all, but Christ you all are bitter as hell.

  • Can anyone tell me which version he played at Tomorrowland. That one was really ok. Don’t remember anymore how it went though.

  • There is no correlation between having opinions on a song and needing the required skills to produce at the same level. Why do people still claim this? Secondly, why would you have to be jealous to express your thoughts on a song?

    Avicii is not a sellout. I think very few people are true sellouts. Think about it. One day he was a kid just like us, the other Guetta, one of the biggest artists of today, calls him up and offers a collaboration. Why would he not accept that? Do you think he gives a fuck that a few people on bmd will call him a sellout? Would he really decline Madonnas offer to remix her song and being on stage with her to not be a ’sellout’. Why wouldn’t he? Its just fun. Sure he makes money off of it but do you think Tim disregards the awesome experience of collabing with Guetta, Madonna and now Ralph Lauren and just looks at the pay?

    Personal opinion: Shit fragma song. Too down tempo and generic. Altough I don’t like silhouettes sound at all.

  • Sounds gr8. Stop hatin.


  • Yea I like it too. Nice work mix. Avicii’s got so many haters because he’s real talented. Anyone hating please try to do better!

  • I don’t think you can judge already, lol. It sounds ok to me.

  • so many justin bieber fans that like avicii nowadays

  • Where is it ?
    can’t find it on iTunes nor on Beatport ….

  • Us neither. Avicii said on his Facebook it was coming out today. The music video is out now anyhow.

  • ”Stay tuned how you can get it for FREE”

  • ”Here finally is an EXCLUSIVE remix of Silhouettes I made for the Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren campaign! Stay tuned to find out how you can get it for FREE! :)” (с) Avicii on Facebook

  • ahh the youngsters these days.. common guys leave him alone. how can you be a sellout if you never was underground in the first place? it’s not like he went from minimal/techno to this. I can’t really say i am i awe of his production skills (but he never claimed to be an engineer) or that i fancy his tracks, but i still think he deserves all the recognition he is getting right now. He makes music that a lot of (slightly less musically interested/educated) people like, whining about it on blogs won’t make a difference to anyone. Unless you are shm, because they sold the fuck out, and i hope they goddamn know it.

  • I actually liked the mix, but these drums are just awful

  • lol at all the haters…
    this is so much better than the original

  • avicii is only like what 22 years old?? if u have the opportunity to make millions at such a young age would you NOT do it?? u guys are so ignorant its kinda sad lol…

  • Listen to the longer version(3 minutes)… I did not expect this track to be so amazingly bad, it sounds horrible.. :/

  • Has it been released yet? Can’t find it anywhere?

  • LJ: It hasn’t.

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