UMF TV will stream Ultra Music Festival’s Asia debut in Seoul, Korea live on YouTube, starting tomorrow, Friday, at 6 PM local time. The festival unexpectedly cancelled their Europe debut in Poland earlier this month, but are now looking to make up for it as they will be streaming the two day event in South Korea live  on UMF TV’s YouTube channel for those unlucky enough to miss this landmark instalment in larger-than-life clubbing. While Tomorrowland may not have set the bar high where YouTube live streaming is concerned, UMF’s stream from Miami earlier this year indicates that there will be little-to-no interruptions, or commercial breaks for that matter, featured in the live stream of the festival’s first ever Asia event.

The live stream starts at 6 PM in Korea, 5 AM in New York and 10 AM in London.

Current time in Seoul, Korea –

If you missed it, check out the live sets from Ultra Music Festival 2012 in Miami.

LINE-UP (local Korean time):

Friday, August 3


10:00PM Skrillex
08:10PM Steve Aoki
06:35PM Sidney Samson
06:00PM Shut Da Mouth
05:30PM Freakhouze
05:00PM Tokyo Big Boys
04:40PM Massive DITTO
04:00PM Cassette Schwarzenegger LIVE


11:00PM J Symposium
10:30PM Twelvetones
09:50PM Marc Vedo
08:50PM Elio Riso
07:50PM Afrobeta LIVE
07:10PM Toxic Band LIVE
06:20PM Crying Nut LIVE
05:30PM House Rulez LIVE
05:00PM DJ MJ
04:30PM Moriarty
04:00PM DJ Jamie

Saturday, August 4


10:00PM Tiësto
09:20PM Team H
08:15PM Chuckie
07:10PM Sander Kleinenberg
06:05PM The Crystal Method
05:30PM DJ Koo
04:50PM capsule LIVE
04:20PM Aldrin
04:00PM 2E Live


10:00PM Carl Cox
08:00PM John Digweed
06:30PM Yousef
05:00PM Jon Rundell
04:00PM Ken Ishii


12:15AM DJ Bo
11:30PM DJ Greive
10:30PM Kultech
09:50PM Mauri & Mora
09:00PM Clazziquai Project LIVE
08:10PM Handsome People LIVE
07:20PM Beat Burger & Trax LIVE
06:30PM DJ Ogawa
06:00PM DK Ahn
05:30PM Unjin
05:00PM DJ Hoon
04:30PM DJ Aya
04:00PM Amiga

10 Comments to “UMF TV to stream Ultra Music Festival Korea live on YouTube August 3-4”

  • Except for Carl Cox & Friends arena, that’s one sucky line-up….

  • Don’t know half of these guys ..

  • What the fuck is ”04:00PM Cassette Schwarzenegger LIVE”?

    Cazzette vs. Arnold?

  • HAHA the names

    06:30PM DJ Ogawa
    06:00PM DK Ahn
    05:30PM Unjin
    05:00PM DJ Hoon
    04:30PM DJ Aya
    04:00PM Amiga

    only chinky eyes :D

  • Haha, too many random names. But I’m looking forward to see Skrillex and John Digweed!

  • UMF Live Streams > Tomorrowland Live Stream :)

  • This is exactly whats wrong with edm today, you got a full line up of people who most likely are more than festival worthy and you people slag them off cause you don’t know the names? C’mon people open your minds to something that isn’t beatport top 10

  • @Charlie: If the line-up where filled with beatport top 10-bangers it wouldn’t make it any better. That’s why I said aside from the Carl Cox & Friends line-up.

    Of the guys I know on this line-up, I would only pay to see Carl Cox, John Digweed, Jon Rundell and Yousef.

  • the video stream was so LQ

  • Hello! I have a surprise for you! On my streamie already find live broadcasts from backstage and the stage before the official broadcast on Channel UMF!. The transmission is in FULL HD quality for free! Recommend! BECAUSE IT WORKS VERY WELL WITHOUT lag

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