Where Sebastian Ingrosso’s very name resonates with prestige and Australian Electro asset Tommy Trash has beckoned universal appraisal, their union was always going to be a sizeable endeavour. Taking some time out from his vital movements alongside Refune and his peers at Sweden’s hottest House export, his union alongside the delegate of new school fuzz marks an extension of both parties’ already apt eye for game changing opportunities.

Boasting the signature beefy outlay of Trash’s dexterous musical musings, Ingrosso’s knack for intricate detail and memorable melodic play, the culmination of their shared enthusiasm and studio experience is a real treat. Consistent in both style and energy, the transition between its raging apex and soul-shaking middle could only be mustered by two of the globes finest Electronic players.

We are happy to be able to exclusively reveal that the track will be called ‘Reload’ and is out soon on Refune Records.

Update (31/8): ‘Reload’ will be released September 21.

Update (19/8): Official preview now available.

Words by Dan Carter

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  • is guetta double beating like f*ck?

  • @shmaj thought so too

  • HUGE COLLABORATION !!! This track can’t get me bored,melody is so fresh,and you can see the influence of Ingrosso and Trash separately,it has unique sound and alot of energy,i hope it will be released soon,but nothing before September,cause Years will be released tomorrow :P

  • I love this track! So simple and beautiful.

  • Massive!

  • This is simply an incredible track. Glad to hear its finally coming out

  • I guess release will be October/ November, maybe Ingrosso needs to find catchy vocals by a famous pop-singer first…

  • Hahahaha @manu din jävla klassiker

  • K @manu

  • Now seriously, the release date can’t be that far away even Guetta already has his promo version of it.

  • @Cowy I love this tune but i honestly don’t hear any ”Ingrosso influence” at all.. this sounds like a 100% Tommy Trash tune to me.. hopefully it’ll get release soon, and hope Ingrosso doesn’t ruined it with some cheesy vocals

  • Beatmyday I <3 you!

  • Fuck Yeah! Hell Yeah! Fuck Yeah! Hell Yeah!


    But no release date yet… :S

  • @gpujols i can bet that the melody is completely made by Ingrosso :)

  • bästa låt på länge.
    dog när tommy lira den i malmö för nån månad sen


  • Awww yeaaaa!
    This is massive.

  • The fact that Guetta & Afrojack already have the promo doesn’t mean much. I mean I heard Avicii play Eclipse live in January and still nothing…. Hope this gets out soon though, huge track.

  • otto knows is playing this too but it had vocals over it on the first part. the vocals ruined it, i love this song so please just release the instrumental version of it!

  • One of the best tracks I have heard in 2012!

  • wow what a terrible transition

  • Release date : September 3rd. confirmed by Sebastian Ingrosso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This sounds awesome, can’t wait for the release

  • @gpujols melody and FX made by seb. fo sho!

    @jotadrox source? ;)

  • Jag blir så rörd av melodin!

  • Where did Seb confirm Sept. 3rd? Refune never releases on Mondays. Maybe Sept 7th or 8th, but that’s just wishful thinking.

  • jotadrox: Nope

    Brandon: He didn’t..

  • This is actually better than the other generic progressive/electro trash that’s being released nowadays, however, it’s not one of the best tracks released this year.

    Not even remotely close! I can name 50 tracks that are better!

  • @heutZe: I would be happy to know these 50 tracks :-)

  • I agree with Cowy : I heard only 100 % Progressive Tune by Sebastian Ingrosso maybe the Basses are made by Tommy Trash ?!
    BUT I LOVE THIS TRACK SO MUCH !!!!!!!! =D <3

  • + Vocal version by Example

  • @manu:

    Vocal version by example!?

    How do you know? is that for sure? THAT WOULD BE FUCKING AWESOME! :D


    … HELL YEAH !!! Release date 21.09.12!!!

  • i think vocals will be by example as well (prediction), a hint was dropped by example on tommy trashes twitter a few moths back.

  • eb: Nope.

  • Why are u using the shittiest samlpe/preview clip there is on youtube?
    Theres lots of em with much better quality

  • Why is there NO BASS at all? So empty. Is it for radio purposes?
    Such a big tune, with so much potential. Thrown away.

  • where´s the bass??, heard first on youtube it was a id then and i just fell in love with it and now there´s is no bass no love for this track no more…

  • maybe so people dont mash up right now with that sample? it is 128 kbits btw.

  • Purtnit: All Soundcloud samples are 128 kbps.

  • Anton: Thanks for repeating what I just said.

  • Reload kommer inte släppas idag! :( Refune records skrev detta på facebook idag:

    Reload Release: Unfortunately we are unable to release ‘Reload’ today due to technical issues with our distribution, we’ve only just found out. We will release it as soon as we can and will let you know the date once confirmed. Thanks for your patience and support.

  • @Simon:

    OOHHHHH noooooo!!!!! when is it released then finally??? :’(

  • Haha, it’s just one record in a year, embarrassing to fuck this up :D just a marketing trick.

  • Who couldn’t have seen this one coming.

  • its out on sunday according tommy trash’s fb

  • john: Can you please link to where he says that?


  • Its really so unprofessional and a very unfair Behavoiur to the Fans. Seb Ingrosso only wants to make money and to play it first by Pete Tong and get a bigger Hype. Hardwell is much better by giving away free downloads of his mashup… but remember who makes Problem with that? Yes Ingrosso and SHM…. No Wonder.. Technical Issues? Every Idiot can upload a Track..At the End those Producers dont have to wonder if no one will buy their Tracks legally

  • According to Refune Records
    Reload Will Be Released This Week & Will Notify Us On The Release Date :)

  • our little reboot of the amazing reload & save the world mash-up :) I hope you’ll like it
    I hope this shameless self-promo is okay for beatmyday? ;)

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