Merely a year after entering the limelight as part of Avicii’s debut on Future Music Magazine’s ”In The Studio” series, the official preview to the Swede’s sought-after take on Eric Turner has at last found its way onto the inter-web, courtesy of VEVO. Dealing in elusive synth work and emotive vocals, his remix of ‘Dancing In My Head’ sees Tim Bergling outsource his floor filling intellect for a second appearance of his Tom Hangs alias, adding that infectiously melodic play to Turner’s enchanting top line.

With the final preview revealing extra vocals to make for a radio-friendlier version, one can only hope that the final release will bring a dub or an instrumental version into the equation in hopes of also satisfying that of the globe’s more club-minded aficionados.

Update (8/8): The ‘Been Cursed’ mix will be released August 14 on Beatport through EMI. The Tom Hangs mix is out in October.

‘Been Cursed’ mix:

Update (6/8): VEVO just re-uploaded the video for the Tom Hangs mix:

40 Comments to “Preview: Eric Turner vs. Avicii – Dancing In My Head”

  • One of track I’ve been waiting, but NICKTIM is what we want!!

  • WHY! WHY! I loved this track and have been waiting for it for awhile but why are their vocal on the main section! It sounded infinitely better without them! @Anton please tell me there will be an alternate version with the vocals in just the break.

  • Ah. En okej låt blev helt plötsligt skitdålig. Sämst edit.

  • TOP!

  • it has vocal in the main section because its radio edit and because its lyric video so the full lyric must be here,but in extended mix the drop will be without lyric . . .i hope . . .and i also hope that there will be instrumental version :P

  • Wow, really bad.

  • I think the Vocals over the main party explain why it’s a Tom Hangs mix, the Instrumental will probably be an Avicii mix :) )

  • Yea, that vocal in the main drop really ruined the track, it’s now definitely a pop track, that’s why it’s gonna be released in Capitol Records.

  • :)

  • well can’t actually decide if I like it or not.. I like the part at 0:45 where he adds ”keep on dancing” thingy but don’t like him having vocals in the drop.. But it’s in the Tom Hangs moniker! :)

  • Damn, I’ve been waiting for this song for a long time. Not feeling the extra vocals, makes it super poppy, but whatever I’m just glad it’s getting released. Avicii is probably the only pop DJ these days that I’ll support. DEFINITELY hoping they’ll release an instrumental or more club mix.

  • Wow… the vocals were so much better before. They have been ruined and are sooo corny now. Lame.

  • Solid production.

  • There better be a goddamn Dub version with no vocals on the drop. Avicii I understand you sold out and are mainstream but don;t ruin old tracks and make them sell out too




  • This would be 10 times better without that shitty vocals.

  • lmfao what a joke

  • relax ppl this is the tom hangs remix… , the one without the vocal on the drop is the avicii been cursed remix out later

  • Everybody just need to chill! I believe that this is the radio version for some pop radio channels. The REAL version will also be released, and that version is AWESOME!

  • A video highlighting the lyrical genius of like like, ”oh yeah baby. keep on dancing keep on dancing.” Commercial garbage if I have ever seen it.

  • Tom Hangs = Avicii = Tim Berg

  • As said, I hope the vocals in the drop just is for the radio edit / Tom Hangs version.. the version Avicii have been played live in his sets is the version that at least for me gives me goosebumps!

  • WTF… this edit sucks balls! :(

  • its funny seeing people whine about this version while the original track is just as commercial/cheesy/poppish as this edit

  • What everyone whine about is that the vocals are playing over the lead which makes it a pop song. Its the first avicii track Ive heard him doing this, should I be worried?

    The original track was great and it wasnt commerical. It was his style of House that we all love.

  • People say that avicci is commercial is because everyone wants to work with avicii! Jesus everybody wants to make money and go for the big fish no one will say no sorry I would not like to work with you madonna

  • +1 Evan…

    It was totally a surprise these vocals over the best part of the song to be honest.

  • The vocals are amazing, except for the new parts.

  • lead is so bad…

  • Nice track, but doesn’t get me really excited. Unlike his remix of ”Michael Woods – Drop Zone” and that ID with the vocals from ”Coco – I Need a Miracle”. Those tracks, especially the secong, give me the goosebumps!

  • Why this motherf*cker vocal in the drop… It sounded so much better without this shitty voice… Hope it’s just because of the radio edit.

  • Oh avicii, i was ready to give u another chance……and then this!!! best part of the track masked by pointless vocals, ridiculous.

  • C’Mon people this is clearly a radio edit Pete tong premiered this track yesterday and it doesn’t have the vocals on the drop take a look at minute 10

  • I don’t see the big issue here. The other version sucks as well.

    And for those who are complaining about the track being too commercial, it’s Avicii for god’s sake, what did you expect? Nothing is too commercial.

  • Hell Yeah!!!

    Avicii’s been cursed mix is being released!


  • gleb: Are you fucking retarded? does this look like a avicii mix to you? Is avicii the one editing this version? This is the TOM HANGS MIX PEOPLE, wich means that the original will sound different (we already have a proof of that, the first video above) NOW JUST WAIT UNTIL THE 14TH OF AUGUST AND YOUR QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED!!!! :D DDD

  • Tom Hangs = Avicii, btw the Instrumental is already available on the interwebs.

  • People, the one with the vocals is the ‘Tom Hangs Mix’, Avicii is releasing his ‘Been Cursed Mix’ earlier, on 14th august, that’s the one without the vocals on the drop, so calm down.

    Anyways, with or without vocals, ITS AN EPIC SONG.

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