While the focus may currently be on his ranking as the 8th highest earning DJ in Electronic Dance Music, American club force more intimately known as Ryan Raddon can boast of a numerous landmark moments for 2012 that exceed financial speculation. Joined by Axtone approved Russian outfit Swanky Tunes and the angelic voice of Toronto songstress Lights, Kaskade extends his melodic legacy with the ironically titled ‘No One Knows Who We Are’.

Providing the perfect middle-ground between the Russian trio’s tough Electro beats and Raddon’s knack for uplifting melodies, this collaborative effort builds upon two more commonly detatched hallmarks in a bid to unify the adrenaline of Electro House with the divine vocal moments that Raddon’s Kaskade moniker has grown to master.

Update (8/12): Due out on December 24th.

Words by Dan Carter

22 Comments to “Preview: Kaskade & Swanky Tunes feat. Lights – No One Knows Who We Are”

  • Amazing !!! This needs to be released asap :)

  • Modern Talking?

  • Nej, supertrött och tråkigt drop, så jävla trött på detta sound. Inget kreativt alls. Men breaket är riktigt mysigt! Får hoppas på att feenixpawl gör sitt för denna.

  • Sån jävla tråkig skit alltså

  • samma chainsawdrop alla dagar i veckan, så sjukt tråkigt

  • Kaskade borde bara gjort sin del utan jävla Swanky Tunes chainsaw dropp. Låten e magiskt utan det jävla tråkiga droppet

  • Men öh, tror ni denna låten gjordes igår eller? Mest troligt är att den gjordes för typ ett halv år sedan = chainsawdrop fortfarande var populärt då. Kolla t.ex på Zedd & Nicky Romero – Humans, alla hade stora förväntningar på den men den gjordes för mer än ett år sedan dvs. när de inte vara lika stora som idag.

  • @2:14 Girlfriend: ‘oops forgot i i have you.. *kiss* lol

  • it’s a pretty good live track, but the drop doesn’t amaze me. was actually waiting for a better drop from Kaskade :P

  • I hope he makes a melodic remix to this track. That drop is so played out.

  • Håller ned jonte och adde

  • One more time OMG… the comments… this is CLUB MUSIC which is supposed to be listened to in CLUBS.. if you don’t like the drop because it’s too hard for your headphones, they don’t care.

  • People tell him his Modern Talking pursuit is played out and then he gets all bitchy and calls us old. This is not Kaskade. This is Kaskade being Swanky Tunes. Or Kaskade being Skrillex, Dada Life, etc.

  • såååå boring!!

  • Fyfan vad mysig låt. Vill ha en prog house version på detta, ingen modern talking pls.

  • Really boring, square lead with a modern talking drop, this is so played out.

  • Well I think OTTO KNOWS! :D

  • Lol!

    I don’t like this chainsaw ear either but stop writing this ain’t Kaskade. Everyone who have heard a Kaskade set know’s that this is how he sounds.

  • Lol!

    I don’t like this chainsaw ear either but stop writing this ain’t Kaskade. Everyone who have heard a Kaskade set know that this is how he sounds.

  • its really anticlimactic

  • nothing special about this track, sounds like any other chainsaw track like r3hab.
    i hope kaskade produces more progressive stuff for his new album.

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