With Pete Tong and Annie Mac singing its praises on their respective prime-time radio shows for BBC Radio 1, legendary British producer Stuart Price, also known as Jacques Lu Cont, continues to raise the bar with his authentically tailored exploits of a certain vintage appeal as he comes out with yet another refreshing free release. Fresh off the release of ‘Underground‘ and an acclaimed debut on the Essential Mix, Price continues the trend of simply giving things away with a free download of his unofficial remix of Coldplay’s ‘Charlie Brown’. In spite of the official remix release falling in favor of Dave Aude’s far less innovative version, Jacques Lu Cont’s take on the track reigns supreme with a mixture of subtle keys, growling bass lines and rhythmic drum work.


5 Comments to “Free Download: Coldplay – Charlie Brown (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)”

  • This is amazing!!

  • i’ve been waiting so long for this one . . .heard it on exit festival live and its fucking amazing !!! :)

  • I’m not feeling this mix at all. I’m starting to miss Stuart Price’s old disco club sound. I think he’s being influenced by the new harsh electro fad. Not a big fan of Underground either.


  • Good but it absolutely looses the feel of the original Coldplay song, is that a good in this case? No it’s not.

  • wow cool :)

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