Off the back of their last single ‘Thank You’ for Ultra Music, Size Records endorsed duo Jonnie Macaire and Harry Bass, better known to the world as Third Party, are on hand with their instantly recognizable melodic guise to take on Sultan & Ned Shepard’s forthcoming single alongside Thomas Sagstad.

Ahead of a hotly tipped fourth original for Size, Third Party are back on remix duty to follow up their take on Wynter Gordon earlier this year with a remix for the next release off Harem Records, ‘Somebody To Love’. Further upping the post-summer excitement, Macaire and Bass match the perfectly pitched top line of Dirty Vegas-vocalist Steve Smith with enchanting lead play and potent drum work to further the believes that the remainder of 2012 is unlikely to be a quiet one if this Essex two-piece have their way.

Update (31/8): The release is set for September 10.

Update (31/8): Official preview added. The Third Party remix starts at 2:43.

12 Comments to “Preview: Sultan, Shepard & Sagstad – Somebody To Love (Third Party Remix)”

  • freaking awesome!

  • Holy moly this is large! (like pete tong would’ve said)

  • ”fourth original for Size” when? where? tell. us. now.

  • Release,Duel,Feel And Lights (Soon To Be Released) :)

  • Third party are keeping it real, lets just hope they won’t start remixing these big pop stars like everyone else..

  • when is lights released?

  • i don’t think they’re going to release it before October or even maybe November,the next release is POTN and i don’t think that they are going to release something until then . . .after that they will wait for the album to grow (one more month or longer) and then,but maybe then the will release it . . .and there are so many unreleased songs like new single from Promise Land,Swiss Official Changes,maybe new single by DJ DLG which is still unreleased from last year,than the new one from Sick Individuals,Steve Angelo Yeah,the new track from Tim Mason etc etc . . .waiting,waiting,waiting :/

  • I heard that Lights is a collab between Third Party & Mr. Steve Angello. True or false?

  • False, Lights is only Third Party production

  • For me, the only good song they have released is Duel, it’s a monster!
    And I’m still waiting for Stooshe – Fuck Me (Third Party Remix) to get released. Any info on that one, Anton?

  • Indeed Michael, Duel was/is a bomb! Nowadays everyone just goes two styles, either a distorted electro/dubstep bassline that is clearly overdone now OR just Alesso style.

    House was as it’s best around year 2008-2010, when Axwell and all other good producers put out good creative fat songs. Now every house release is just the same style.

  • amagaaad, Sick tune as alwyas by third party, best producers on Size!

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