Russian trio Swanky Tunes add another dimension to their freshly unveiled Showland concept with the launch of their own record label. Hot on the heels from the announcement of their new collaboration with Kaskade called ‘No One Knows Who We Are‘, the Russians debut their new Showland imprint under the banner of Spinnin’ Records with ‘Here We Go’ follow-up ‘Blood Rush’. Living up to its name, the blistering chord play and heavyset drum combinations of Swanky Tunes’ latest original work make for an adrenaline soaked post-summer release from one of Russia’s most promising Dance collectives to date.

‘Blood Rush’ will be released September 3rd as the first release on Showland.

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  • Så jävla svårt att skilja på medlemmarna i Hard Rock Sofa och Swanky Tunes. Från början var Hard Rock Sofa typ 4 snubbar, nu är det en ung kille och en skallig gubbe kvar? Ibland är Swanky Tunes två stycken, och ibland fyra? Dessutom är den tredje snubben från Hard Rock Sofa ibland med i Swanky Tunes? QUE?

  • Marcus: Hard Rock Sofa was first a trio but is now a duo. Swanky Tunes was first four guys, now only 3, one of which stays home while the other two go on tour.

  • All songs sounds exactly the same from Hardrock Sofa and Swanky Tunes!

  • Sounds like all their other songs.

  • How come hard rock sofa is only a duo now and why does the 3rd member of swanky tunes stay at home ;\

  • canuck: The third one left for some reason. Three is a crowd? Would assume it’s to make things easier. It’s always easier for two people to travel together than three.

  • Every shitty act has to open a label nowadays.

  • I admit that all their songs sound the same, but I’m still loving it, ha ha

  • @Anton Thanks i never really got to find out why it was like that. :|

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