Canadian club titan Deadmau5 will release his sixth studio album entitled ”>album title goes here<” for his own Mau5trap label and Parlophone on September 25 (24 in Europe). Following on from 2010’s ”4×4=12″ album, the latest bizarrely titled studio album from the preacher to the button-pushing generation will drop more than a month after his next single release alongside Gerard Way, ‘Professional Griefers’.

Made up of 13 original Deadmau5 tracks, including the long-awaited formal release of ‘October’, ”>album title goes here<” focuses almost solely on the latest productions to come out of Joel Zimmerman’s countless hours in the studio over the past year, showcasing the true versatility of the infamous mau5keteer in the process. The album will feature collaborations alongside Wolfgang Gartner, Chris James, Gerard Way, Imogen Heap and Cypress Hill, and while many of the tracks have already hit the web as a result to Zimmerman’s unorthodox yet acclaimed urge to the act known as ”soundclouding,” ”>album title goes here<” indicates that, as far as Deadmau5’s music output is concerned, Zimmerman will continue to push all the right buttons for the remainder of 2012.

Update (14/8): Pre-order the album here.


01. Superliminal
02. Channel 42 – deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner
03. The Veldt (feat. Chris James)
04. Fn Pig
05. Professional Griefers (feat. Gerard Way)
06. Maths
07. There Might Be Coffee
08. Take care of the proper paperwork
09. Closer
10. October
11. Sleepless
12. Failbait (feat. Cypress Hill)
13. Telemiscommunications (feat. Imogen Heap)

Some finished and unfinished samples of some of the tracks:

40 Comments to “New Deadmau5 album ”album title goes here” set for September 25 release”

  • Fucking yes this will be awesome!

  • WOW, NICE!

  • Channel 42 är sån discobomb!

  • it will not disappoint me,
    i was always happy with every release of him

  • >album title goes here<?? Original much? Maybe he just ran out of time?

  • Does anybody know, if October is with the Raise your Weapon Acapella on the album, or not?

  • Ernie S says:
    >album title goes here<?? Original much? Maybe he just ran out of time?

    Thats the typical homour of Joel.
    The last album names were also not very imaginative.

    For Lack Of A Better Name
    It Sounds Like

  • i lost shitloads of respect for all the crap he made recently. But here i see that joel tries to proove that he actually can produce still melodic and decent stuff. Sounds legit to me

  • I like this Album alot more than 4×4=12. Fucking A deadmau5!

  • it’s gonna be AWESOME! :)

  • Omg I love it!

  • Anyone that knows what will happen to the version of Channel 42 he played out on his Hax Europe tour? It was one of the most awesome tracks i’ve ever heard!

  • Victor: Pretty sure that’s the version getting released. The sample in this post is the only more formal sample at the moment but that’s just an early render.

  • Yesssssss, the tracklist for the album looks amazing! October and Fn Pig and Superliminal are finally gonna join my 24GB storage of EDM music! :D

  • Bleed is missing on the Album!
    actually its a quiet sad track but also one of the best !

  • FN Pig will be huge on the dancefloor! Great album, but maybe it’s too much melodic and soft tracks than bangers? Anyway, Joel deliveres:)

  • Can’t Wait for the full version of October!
    Why isn’t limit break on the album ;|

  • @canuck: he gave away Limit Break as a free download at christmas 2010

  • Meowingtons is the executive producer of all tracks, this album will be huge!

  • Hoppas verkligen det släpps en instrumental version av professional griefers. har svårt för vocalsen…

  • @Emil Thanks man :)

  • Marcus: There will indeed also be an instrumental of Professional Griefers.

  • så bra!!!

  • No strobe equivalent but probably the best album line-up he has ever had. There are always songs I don’t care for like bad selection, I said, everything before, fml, bot, word problems, sometimes things get whatever, etc. With this album though I’ve heard at least rough work of every song and I love every song except maybe just maths(which is still decent). I’m excited to hear the final versions of october and fn pig and telemiscommunications just because of imogen heap.

  • Fn Pig is the definition, the perfection and the way to make music

  • Gee- Sometimes things get whatever, and complications are fuckin amazing tracks. Ur dumb

  • Channel 42 sounds lil bit like this in the beginning lol. have a listen

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