With his ”Bongbastic” radio show set to launch soon on Sirius XM and a remix alongside Fedde le Grand due out in September, German studio sharpshooter Deniz Koyu joins the ranks of Atlantic offshoot Big Beat with a formidable landmark release in the form of ‘Follow You’.

Calling upon inaugurated Dance/Pop princess Wynter Gordon to don her vocal stylings to a canvas of scattered melodic leads and formidable synth work, there is a sense of ascendency in this well orchestrated outing. Powering through a fresh take on Europe’s most in demand sound with little sense of losing that boyish charm that has followed him from the outset, Koyu proves himself a force apart from the crowd with this standout offering from yet another crucial contender amid the European House explosion.

‘Follow You’ will be released August 20 exclusively on Beatport via Big Beat Records.

Words by Dan Carter

30 Comments to “Preview: Deniz Koyu feat. Wynter Gordon – Follow You [Big Beat]”


  • Im very disappointed.
    This sound is not Deniz Koyo, this sounds like all other mainstream shit.

  • Pretty much agree with Perry.

  • TUNG!

  • Axtone cover? omg

  • Remix with fedde??? Has anyone got news on his song with eddie thoneick?

    Great job deniz!

  • And the lawsuit from Axtones graphic designer will also be released soon.

  • track is ok, what makes it stand out has got to be the amazing vocals!

  • I have to agree Perry, Deniz can do it so much better, this is Mainstream. Probably that is the reason for the many breasts in this video.

  • SOOOOOO SHIT. Even though his recent originals/remixes have been sounding fairly similar, they are still a million times better than this. This is drivel, an unoriginal score of over-used synths and an all too familiar track format. So boring. Almost painfully boring. Big Beat used to release so fairly cool stuff. This is just embarrassing for everyone involved, as if Wynter Gordon is the go-to girl for cheesy mainstream cross-overs. Such a shame, Koyu was a promising talent. I’m getting seriously tired of this format now, this tacky prog-pop-house. Sad to see all that originality in dance draining out once America gets involved…

  • Nice!

  • loooooove it!

  • to me, this doesn’t sound anything like all the mainstream stuff. i like it.

  • maybe for a Koyu track this is a bit mainstream-ish like we havent heard from him before but it’s an amazing song i think. such a nice melody and great vocals. i find it impressive he’s that versatile.

  • The cover is disgusting.
    But I kind of like the track.

  • This is awesome, appreciate the music and stop being a bunch of little faggot bitches

  • been waiting long for this one ;) if you don’t like this then gtfo your on the wrong blog

  • Big big fan of koyu and his productions but I must say this is a very chessey track. He can do way better it’s a festival track now a days people like a dj /producer and love every track they make it’s ok to have an opinion people. I’m not liking it at all. I’m sure he will bounce back and make another bomb ass track. In my opinion his best track was hydra that track is amazing I want to hear another track from this amazing dj like hydra not this American chesse track

  • I love the Johan Wedel signature vocal work. Heard this track months ago and I think it’s a decent track. Better than most of the mainstream tracks.

  • Ed I don’t understand how Deniz Koyu, a turkish producer, has anything to do with America. Sure the classic American festival fans are without question the least educated in the world in terms of house music, but Deniz Koyu made this track, not the American populace. If you don’t like the song thats no big deal, but don’t blame a producer’s work on something other than him.

  • Atkinson: If you want to talk like you know something, you can begin to do it right.

    ”Deniz Koyu, a turkish producer,”, wrong he is from Germany.

  • It all boils down to if the track is good or not. Sure, it might be mainstream. It might not. The fact still remains that it is a good track, according to many people.

  • FFS: Well I guess actually the Netherlands, but as if where he was from had anything to do with what I was saying you would indeed have a point; It doesn’t matter where he is from, he is the one making the track, not the fans.

  • Dear Big Beat, if you’re going to copy Axtone’s profile, please do it better.

  • wow its pretty bad when you keep in mind that this guy made killer tunes like Hertz, Hydra, Back to the dancefloor remix, Dangerous remix and Turn it down remix just to name a few

  • I was about to say ”why is this shit on axtone” lol

  • Lol at you haters you must be kidding. Fantastic tune!!!!!

  • I want Hydra 2!

  • Those vocals are really awesome!

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