An emotional rollercoaster of countless industry firsts – the Swedish House Mafia have rightfully earned their place in the history books of Electronic music. But as the standard setting figureheads of Dance music prepare to bow out with their last collective tour, BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong played host to the formal premier of their latest studio single ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ as this week’s essential new tune.

Perhaps a notion to their own family bonds or to the wealth of young admirers that their club stylings have accumulated over the years, this emotional follow-up to ‘Greyhound’ is a fittingly sincere soundtrack to the end of their reign on global Dance music. Employing the heart-rending vocal skills of John Martin, the trio exercise a strong sense of euphoria for this suspected studio finale. As melodically refined and energetically stirring as their infamous reputation would dictate, ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ is yet another chapter in the studio careers of Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell that will remain on record as the peak of an influential force who came, raved and loved to the very end of their landmark industry venture.

Update (16/8): ”Don’t You Worry Child” will be released September 14.

Update (7/9): The official acoustic version is now available. Check out the notes and lyrics here.

Words by Dan Carter

57 Comments to “Preview: Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin – Don’t You Worry Child”

  • The best vocal track from SHM since LTVB. Great last track for the group. (HEHE)

  • @CHeker

    Nice try, it’s all the same quality.

  • This is crap. Fuck it, im so dissapointed.

  • It’s cool, especially the vocals, but I was excpecting so much more.. I’m disappointed :(

  • nice dance pop track…

    now just waiting for harder remixes from Tommy Trash, third party, hard rock sofa, swanky tunes etc…

  • Great song, but i absolutely HATE this bass!

    NOOOOO! The song is now officialy ruined :/

  • Very clever to use that picture ;)

    I love it!

  • Not bad, pretty poppy, but definitely a nice festival track. I like it

  • Does anyone know if there will be a remix package?

    Sounds huge! I think it will need some remixes though since the radio will ruin the original version before the end of the year…

  • Pryda will do a remix!

  • @viktor, pretty sure that was just a joke..

  • sad to hear this is the last track of them, let’s hope Axwell will finish his own stuff :)

  • @viktor: I believe that was a joke.

  • Really like it, so much nice Axwell vibes in this one.

  • @Qwantum & heutZe. nope.
    Eric said on twitter ‘Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child. Pryda got a plan for you”

  • @hedz @viktor

    that sounds great

  • At this moment this track could be pop, but any track could be pop if the people listen it so fuckin much.
    In the future minimal, techno, electro, any genere of edm tracks could be pop too. And I dont know what the haters gonna do.
    I still having a big respect for Swedish house mafia, Always quality stuff, pop or not, Swedish house is swedish house.

  • Eric tweeted ”Don’t you worry Don’t you worry child Pryda got a plan for you……” so i guess he’ll be doing a remix.
    Henrik B did also tweet the same as Eric, but with his name: ”Don’t you worry Don’t you worry child B got a plan for you”, or something like that. don’t know if he will do a remix

    as a swedish house mafia fan, i don’t care if it’s commercial or not. A proper way to say goodbye.

  • stop fucking expecting and hating. This tune is good! you cant compare the track with one or miami 2 ibiza its a last emotional track that is great so just listen and enjoy!!

  • Hated this at first from concert vids, but this sounds really great on a good pair of headphones. What a way to end it all

  • They’re not the swedish house mafia’s for no reason. And even if the track could have been much better, it’s still a really good track. The expectations where too high I think, and that’s why alot of people are dissapointed. I am too, mainly because of my expectations, but it’s still a good track!

  • The vocal is awesome, much better than save the world, but the lead is really nothing special.

  • Absolutely classic vocal house from the very first listen! Timeless vocals, euphoric leads and a knocking bass line, what more could you want for the definitive Summer house anthem? The depth of the vocals make it a perfect farewell record, equal parts euphoric and poignant, perfectly reflecting their feelings about the impending break up.

    I can happily say I got goosebumps listening to this, easily one of the best of the year in my opinion. Truly heartwarming, timeless track, that really captured the spirit and essence of a particular point in all our lives.

    Love all you guys, be good to one another and try not to argue too much about music, it’s there to be enjoyed :)


  • high production definantelly.. vocals make this track real big.. never saw shm live but owell.. they should still play in ibiza together :D

  • Link is offline! Track is amazing btw! :)

  • Can someone please upload it again?Really want to here the track in 320kbs!

  • Easily the best SHM Track ive ever heard. Amazing guy on vocals, love him!!

  • @Hedz

    Seems to a good ol’ pryda joke…


    Perfect combo between the vocal and the instrumental work, amazing emotion overall!

  • pfff This guys lost it after Miami 2 Ibiza…the only decent track was Greyhound…

  • Gief Alesso remix!

  • This is so bad, this fits good for a hits for kids album or something. LTWB the best song they ever made.

  • You can’t say that you won’t be singing along when this tune is going to soon be played everywhere. Really great message to say goodbye with, don’t you worry child.

  • @Joachim: I will not…

  • goosebumps all over

  • Lol Beat My Day is just riddled with faux-dance music experts that have probably only been listening for the last 3 or maybe 4 years at most, and suddenly they are qualified experts on what makes a good track. In a way, I am glad that SHM are calling it quits, because anything they do now will never be good enough. The vocals on this track are stunning, but people’s tastes are changing for slightly harder offerings now such as Tommy Trash, so to some this seems weak in comparison. Essentially, for many of you it’s all about the ”Flavour of the Month”, it’s whoevers name you can drop that will resonate most with your friend group and signal you as the tastemaker. You’ll drop the dance music thing as soon as ”raging” and ”EDM” become last years cool thing.

    I actually laugh at some people I meet, the vocal minority of people who think they are bloggers or music critics because they know who Avicii is. This is a brilliantly made song with high production value and an anthemic, euphoric quality that ultimately sums up the trio’s mark on the industry. And to be honest, I’m sure they’re partly glad to be saying goodbye, it must get pretty boring being told by some of you completely untalented arseholes who still live with your parents how bad their music is.

  • Lenno, please remix this!

  • Great track, very emotional honestly..
    thought vocals & some parts were very Calvin Harris stylee.

  • unOfficial: Release Date – 3rd September !!!!

  • madridista: Source?

  • great vocal, and doesnt sound like all the generic same sounding shit coming out at the moment, fuck the haters.

  • may sound gay but…lyrics made me cry

  • The BBC version, Tomorrowland live version, and MKB live version are all slightly different. I feel like the MKB live version had better organized vocals and some other elements I liked more. Any idea whether the BBC version is the final one or you think they are still testing out different versions before final release?

  • Such a beautiful song! LOVE it :-)

  • Man, if this was an instrumental track I’d understand how people don’t like it but damn, the vocals alone are absolutely killer.

  • @Marcus — Leave The Vorld Behind?

  • it is the best song ı ever heard!!

  • They play this Radio Edit now on radio stations.

  • SHM acoustic version is shit compared to this guys version.

    and he did it before them too

  • Nothing against Greyhound..

  • this one of the best song of swedish respect

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