Fresh off the Kitsuné release of ‘Geronimo‘ alongside Fred Falke, New York duo The Knocks make their way back to hometown label HeavyRoc Music for the release of their latest original work. In the same vein as their ever acclaimed 2010 single ‘Dancing With The DJ,’ ‘The Feeling’ blends subtle piano play and uplifting, indie-like male vocals for one of their unquestionably best works to date. As blissful and apt for the summer as it is enchanting, ‘The Feeling’ acts as something of an insight as to how organic Electro contenders for the summer season should play out in the 21st century.

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3 Comments to “Release: The Knocks – The Feeling”

  • whaaaaaatttttttt…..this sounds so fetttttttt!!111!!!one

    surprised no one else is digging this track!

  • horrid

  • a lot of years a go a heard a song a bit similar
    but I like this,still a good track! Good job!

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