Merely a year after entering the limelight as part of Avicii’s debut on Future Music Magazine’s ”In The Studio” series, August sees the long overdue final release of Avicii’s ‘Been Cursed’ remix of Eric Turner’s ‘Dancing In My Head’ through Capitol Records. Dealing in elusive synth work and emotive vocals, his remix of Turner’s latest original sees Tim Bergling outsource his floor filling intellect yet again for something of a follow-up remix to ‘Superlove‘, adding that infectiously melodic play to Turner’s enchanting top line.

With a further, radio-friendlier remix under his Tom Hangs alias on the way and though the globe may be more interested in the ”epic Avicii announcement” coming this Tuesday, this promising remode is a well-ironed contribution to what promises to be another landmark year for the young Swedish star.

Beatport Link

Update (17/9): The official video has been released.

Update: The Tom Hangs remix is now also released (iTunes).

21 Comments to “Official Video: Eric Turner vs. Avicii – Dancing In My Head”

  • ”epic Avicii announcement” = album?

  • Carl: Believe it’s a gig seeing as the teaser video is promoted by Insomniac Events and Pacha NYC.

  • aha ok thanks, didn’t see the video just read this post :)

  • will he release some of his older stuff now? it’s a bit late but yea… if let me show you love was released earlier it would be a big hit

  • @hedz

    totally agree!! Let me show you love is one of the best vocals ive heard such emotion and feeling instant goosebumps the remix he did of it to was beautiful….but in good old avicii fashion, he does nothing with it and will probably release it in 2018

  • Huge remix!! But what happened to the bass??

  • I agree with frankoo, bass doesn’t sound right. Kinda annoying in headphones already, so imagine playing it out in clubs or something. It’s only in the first main part though…

  • Love it…

  • Absolutely love it but as frankoo mentioned there is something very wrong with the bass..

  • Way too much top in the bass, guess he went a bit overboard with Glitch :p

  • Yeah the bass is a bit strange.. sits oddly in the mix!

  • I can’t find it on Beatport, please help.


  • craap, like many of Avicii’s tracks I have destroyed the original mix by listening to much to the preview…

  • Seems like he used to much ”crisp” from Glitch in the bass channel.

  • @ChPh, that comment does not make sense, you say it’s crap like many of his other tracks, yet you’re saying you listen to the preview alot? make your fucking mind up

  • Dunno why but 1:00 reminded me a whole lot of Levels (just before the main verse) as well as Nicktim. Avicii is getting a bit monotonous with some techniques. :D

  • Mixdown isn’t great, really like the remix.
    It’s that track from the FM In The Studio with Avicii.

  • @Michael Borrows, I think you misunderstood me. I didn’t mean the song was crap, I meant that the situation that I am in is crap. Because I have listened to the preview so much (because I loved it) that I’ve gotten tired of the song, so when it now is released I don’t feel so much for it anymore.

  • The intro is the best part of the song lol, should make a song that goes just like that.

  • WTF ????????? is it for real ?? Beuuuurk

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