In an era where DJ’s are regarded as rockstars and imitation seem to come in abundance, France’s Arias has remained as forward-thinking as ever. In the aftermath of the long overdue release of his remodel of ‘I Kissed A Girl’ and last year’s ‘The Days To Come‘ with Arno Cost, the Parisian extends the shelf life of his acclaimed take on Adele’s ‘Someone Like You‘ with a free download of the instrumental version. While most Adele bootlegs tend to become more or less useless with the removal of the English songstress’ angelic voice, the unremitting leads and sturdy beat work of Arias’ version continue to reign supreme, getting our hopes up for a possible free release of his Katy Perry rework in the process.


12 Comments to “Free Download: Arias – Someone Like You (Instrumental Vision)”

  • This is amazing!

  • Amazing.. better without the vocal it’s powerful … Je t’aime Juju a.k.a Arias ! merci pour se free download

  • This is soooo good, thank you Arias!!! :)

  • This is great!

  • Arias <3 French are beast !!

    Beat My Day : The "I kissed a girl" (arias mix) is already out !! Check this :

  • Bigbrother: Yes, the text says that as well. What I meant was that we want the instrumental version of that rework also :)

  • haaan okay :) Yeah anyway instrumentals are often better… Especially for a katy perry voice already heard 174 258 times… That would be awesome :) Waiting for this one

  • Fucking aaaamazing its a keeeper..

  • Jävlar vilken trip :D Denna är fan i klass med Magenta

  • Music From Space # ARIAS

  • smoking weed to this shiiit! this shit izz the bomb!!

  • WOW! Much better without Adele’s vocal!

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