Having already fostered a host of up-and-coming talents through his Diffused imprint for 2012, aspiring Canadian producers Jed Harper, Dzeko & Torres see the formidable Michael Woods take the reins for his own cut of ‘Diamond Rings’ for Provoke. Breaking the usual sound scope of Woods’ Progressive play, the British producer embraces the global Electro explosion with grinding leads and sharp beats in full effect. While fleeting in and out of the signature synth work that has characterised Woods’ transition from The Warrior to a landmark British club asset, his take on this peak time outing makes for a strong contender amid a summer that has seen no shortage of festival proof gems throughout.

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Words by Dan Carter

7 Comments to “Release: Jed Harper, Dzeko & Torres – Diamond Rings (Michael Woods Edit)”


  • Good shizzle!

  • The classic stab

  • Jed Harper and Dzeko & Torres are Canadian.

  • LOL Dzeko & Torres are from Toronto. Heard this at veldt, hits pretty hard!

  • Big Talent from T.O
    Nice Edit from Michael Woods :D

  • started good, but 1/2 way I found myself doing other things then listening. sorry.

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