Still casting his definitive studio guise across the globe at a phenomenal pace, Stockholm’s John Dahlback re-tunes his summer clubbing arsenal with a distracted peak timer for Joia Records. While the familiar big synths may be put on hold for Dahlback’s latest studio endeavor, the distinct lead work and infectious sample patterns that pervade ‘Comet’ reign in as further proof to the assorted studio gems that the Swedish heavyweight continues to shift at large.

In a firm onwards movement from his latest Beatport triumph for Phazing Records remixed by label head honcho Dirty South, this latest cut from his collection of forthcoming material for the remainder of 2012 adds yet another dimension to this irreplaceable asset to Swedish House music.

Beatport Link

Words by Dan Carter

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  • Hey TJ- I’d be happy to remove the link, I’ll realpce it with a link to purchase on beatport. I do have a question though. How did you find our site? Didn’t think we reached a wide enough audience to get a request from an artist. I’d also really like to see a show coming up if possible, any plans to come to the west coast? Also wanna say I love your style, your remix of The Drop is one of my all time favorites. Funky Vodka is a killer- love the vocals you used man. Anyways thanks for being cool about it- if you come out to the west coast maybe we can arrange for a quick interview? I’d love to keep promoting you on the site.

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