Ears fully lit and new album hype at ready, the button-pushing Electro pundit Deadmau5 returns to the limelight with yet another cross-genre collaboration, this time alongside eccentric Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance for ‘Professional Griefers’. Following on from its world premiere on Pete Tong’s ‘Essential Selection’ show for BBC Radio 1, August 14 sees the Canadian Mau5keteer extend his reign on modern Electro with signature inventive studio charm.

Benefitting notably from Way’s rebellious topline, this tough collection mechanic beats and pulsing lead work sees Zimmerman extend his sound to a heavier yet ultimately appealing new apex for 2012. Setting the tone for his forthcoming artist album titled ‘>album title goes here<’, the Canadian looks set to set aside the political discourse for a reign of exciting new material for the remainder of the year.

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Update (21/8): Behind the scenes footage of the official music video is now available. The official video will be released August 29.

Words by Dan Carter

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  • this is great!

  • sjuuukt fet

  • Yay the instrumental version is so great :)

  • fucking fet!


  • Haha så jääävla hård :D

  • lol the vocal mix reminds me of the post New Wave era. Which I find terrible, No thank you not for me.

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