Fresh off remix duties for John Dahlback, fast-rising French producer Sebastien Benett makes his second appearance on Mixmash Records with ‘Ghost Rider’. Leaping from hypnotic lead work to bass-heavy Electro, the Parisian’s latest original plays out aptly to its title with mysterious festival-esque substance. With Laidback Luke now tuned in to his studio output courtesy of this potent Mixmash release, ‘Ghost Rider’ sets the tone ahead of a further collaborative effort alongside Tristan Garner, Gregori Klosman, Michael Canitrot and Antoine Clamaran entitled ‘REEPUBLIC’ that is certain to make the remainder of Benett’s musical movements of 2012 all that more exciting.

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23 Comments to “Release: Sebastien Benett – Ghost Rider [Mixmash]”

  • This is his 2nd track on Mixmash, His 1st track is called ”Slap” Cool Tracks btw ! :)

  • Cool idea but it sounds unfinished, dunno why :/

  • Sounds awfull, really.
    Actually I don’t understand why you guys published this bad quality track, Beat My Day always is an outstanding blog with great music and posts, but now, this? You’ve been paid by him ?

    Come on mates ….

  • The Revibe player i s amazingly refreshing, can’t say the same thing about this song though.

  • wicked track, thanks for posting

  • great tune !

  • Wow. This sucks.

  • Love it !!

  • Cool track dude, keep it up

  • Sounds amateur

  • Hahahah this must be a joke. Peter Landison said it. This is really amateur stuff right here.

  • Irritating muskito Synths IMO. would like to squash this sound.
    a no go for me.

  • Sounds like there is a lot of frustrated wanna be producers posting here.
    Good track Benett, looking forward to see you live in October

  • Well done SEB BENETT LIVE !!!

  • Club Killer!!Thank’s bought it!

  • Enorme comme d’hab!!

  • WICKED !!!!!

  • CHRIST that is not my cup of tea

  • Sounding Cagett

  • not my taste, but i can dig it!

  • really bad..

  • really really bad..

  • I dig this, congrats on the release.
    Haters gonna hate, really obvious that a few already posted here lol
    Must be hard to only produce for their bedroom

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