Ascending the ranks of modern Dance music at the blink of an eye, high-flying Dutchman Nicky Romero looks unstoppable for 2012. Following up on the triumphant Miami Music Week contender, Romero reunites with David Guetta for round three of their old school / new school collaborative affair with the long-awaited ‘Oval’.

Straying far from the more typical realms of their Sia infused vocal Jack Back debut, ’Oval’s digitally scored canvas of grinding leads and mechanical beat work brings a fresh sense of adrenaline for a strong ‘Metropolis‘ follow-up. On the back on of a summer that has seethed with potential attention stealers, David Guetta and Nicky Romero’s first joint release on Protocol marks a unique peak in the universal energy and gorgeous quality that is reassuringly still in full flow for 2012.

‘Oval’ will be released soon on EMI.

26 Comments to “Preview: David Guetta & Nicky Romero – Oval”

  • lol eh

  • About fricking time, have been waiting for this one since nickys essential mix!! release date?

  • What song are they gonna rip off this time?

  • Take that back this is fucking sick!

  • betting this will be a big one. sounds a bit similar to lunar

  • Goddammit Guetta, go away.

  • They outdid themselves on this one. (feel free to replace they and themselves with nicky romero and himself)

  • have you heard anything on the new alesso david guetta collab?

  • Qwantum: Nothing besides what’s on Amazon for now. Will let you know as soon as we do.

  • fine track, but what? Alesso and David Guetta collab? no way….

  • I thought it will be released on David’s label ‘Jackback’ !?

  • Nicky, stop collabin with that french twat already, he is ruining your career… First he taught you to steal others songs, soon he will trick you into doing prerecorded sets, if he hasnt done that already…

  • Marquee: So did we, but just got it confirmed by Nicky’s management that it’s coming out on Protocol.

  • its cool, but a bit repetitive

  • It’s now confirmed: Hating on Gutter makes you extremely underground and raises your knowledge of the house music industry.

  • Gutter is a new artist, sounds a lot like Guetta if you listen carefully

  • I’ve been waiting for this since i heard it in fall.
    Can’t wait for the release :D

  • If it’s coming on protocol then why does the artwork in the video show Jack Back? Just kind of odd… Im guessing thats not the official artwork.

  • Sam Wallace: We’ve been told that isn’t an official artwork.

  • The hate on David Guetta is getting mainstream.. Give him a fuc*ing break.. People hating the music cuz his name is in the title.. Thats not fair..

  • decent track

  • Well fair or not, commercial success has about as much to do with mastering your craft, as having an education has to do with your intelligence (i.e. nothing). meaning even though a lot of you ”undergrounders” might think the production quality is shit (which it undoubtedly is from an audiophile perspective) it still sells because it has David Guettas name on it. so you guys better get over it and stop whining on bmd, because that will accomplish NOTHING. start scanning new blogs out there if you are so f*ing tired of the content here…jeeez

  • Reminds me David Guetta – Metro Music from Nothing But The Beat

  • For all the people who hates the New Guetta…. a big .l.
    Respect for this big Sir!! He is the man my friends

  • Listen here, we all know about the underground vs. mainstream debacle but if you think this mainstream thing is innocuous and good for EDM (what happened to calling it house really??) but it’s breaking the genre down, djs are playing the same shit, making the same generic music, all these djs are succumbing to a level that’s not even house anymore. Don’t even deny. When this whole shitty pop ”EDM” phases falls, it’ll fall harder than disco did in the states in the 70s. Why? Because the pop/mainstream crowd are gonna get tired of the repetition of the genre, they’re gonna move on to something new, that’s how mainstreamers work. and if you’ve been listening to house BEFORE this mainstream phase you should understand that mainstream is not fucking good. When the genre crashes, are guys still gonna be listening to this melodic cheesy shit? No. Then you’ll eat your words. House was created for people who were not mainstream, it was new, it was for us. The pop crown are wagon-jumper fuckers, they dunno what house is, they like ”EDM”, when EDM is no more, then what? Huh? Didn’t think of that did you? And YES, Guetta is responsible fore this, thus he will be responsible for the demise of EDM.

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