In the wake of the long overdue official release of the original off LE7ELS Recordings, Avicii’s ‘Silhouettes‘ gets the remix treatment from an unexpected assortment of producers from across the globe.

First to bat for the remix package, newly signed LE7ELS protégé Syn Cole, formerly known as Clashback, takes the lead with a Creamfields-dedicated remix of high-pitched synth lines and sturdy kicks. But where the aforementioned Estonian builds upon the Swede’s familiar synth stylings, Swiss producer EDX and Vancouver’s Lazy Rich bring persistent misshapen chord play and bass-heavy beat work into the equation to round off the package with two heavier-set remodels.

Due out September 5 on LE7ELS.

0:13 – Syn Cole ‘Creamfields’ Remix
0:43 – EDX’s ‘Arena’ Club Mix
1:17 – Lazy Rich Remix

25 Comments to “Preview: Avicii – Silhouettes (Remixes)”

  • SICK VIDEO! syn cole was best the others sound the same.

  • I like all three of them, although EDX’s remix is a little too far from the original.

  • If I’m not mistaking it was the Lazy Rich remix he played at Tomorrowland right?

  • @ Brecht

    No, it was the Syn Cole remix.

  • Cool, but I would really like that Ralph Lauren Remix of him.

  • First time in a long time where I don’t have a clear favorite in a remix package! Might have to buy the who EP!

  • @Brecht actually what he played was a mashup of the original, Lazy Rich, and Syn Cole mixes.

    Also i have never heard of Syn Cole until now but i’m happy for him because Porter Robinson has been getting credit for his remix lol.

  • Pretty sure what he played at Tomorrowland was the Nari & Milani Remix.

  • Perry: It’s coming out soon for free in co-operation with Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply.

    Marcus: Nope.

  • @ Myself, nevermind, obviously was the EDX Remix. Anyway listen to the Nari & Milani Remix, it’s insane!

  • What happend with the Nari & Milani remix btw?

  • the unofficial disco fries remix is pretty sick too

  • Thanks mark!

  • Mother of god, I love the Syn Cole remix!

  • Who are Syn Cole? Also from from At Night Management?

  • Syn Cole remix was pretty good, but the other two was just boring

  • Wow, didn’t expect that!

  • OOOOOOMMMMMMMMMGGGGG , all of them are really good, but if I had to pick one, it would be the EDX remix!

  • The ”Lazy Rich” one was stellar! The other ones sucked big cocks.

  • The EDX remix sounds too much like a certain Nicky Romero. He uses the trademark ”robot bass voice”. Not very special to me. Syn Cole sounds promising though.

  • Since when was Nicky Romero trademark ”robot bass voices”? It’s been used by way to many producers for along time to call it someones trademark!

  • Syn Cole remix ripoff Leventina – Right or wrong×8tAUKB74


  • @AQ then the lazy rich remix is ripping off clockwork..

  • article says it:
    ”Syn Cole, formerly known as Clashback”

    -> ‘Clashback – Stack’ was great

  • @AQ: Not really bro, lol.

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