With all signs pointing to an unstoppable ascent for Belgian brotherly duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, the aftermath of this year’s Tomorrowland festival sees them joined by Benelux peer Yves V for ‘Aftermath’. Charged with a solid backbone of peak time energy, the Benelux trio warm up the bass machines to bring their festival proof resonance to the final leg of the summer festival season with a heavy-footed new release for Smash The House.

Built with the bigger festival speakers close to mind, the burly low-end surges and churning rhythmic builds make for one of the most pervasive yet minimalistic peak timers of the season. Leaping from subtle swells to surges of standalone lead play, the Tomorrowland residents prove that less can still be all the more powerful on the 21st century dance floor with this triumphant low-end club cut.

‘Aftermath’ will be out soon on Smash The House.

18 Comments to “Preview: Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Yves V – Aftermath [Smash The House]”

  • I’ve lost all my respect to DV & LM. There last tracks can’t get any worse.

  • Their last couple of releases have been mediocre. This, however, is really cool.

  • Not bad. I like it.

  • Question: Why aren’t you guy using the normal SC player anymore? I’ve often found myself wanting to go to the producers SC page to check out more of their stuff or to follow, but this one doesn’t provide a link.

  • Go back to the normal soundcloud player for fuck sake!

  • sorry but honestly, DV & LM, all of their latest shit sounds terrible. Not meaning to be negative as there’s alot of negative comments here on the blog lately, but this is utterly crap. These productions don’t even sound professional.

  • @ Michael, you wont think the same when you hear them live in the mix dropping this on the big speakers after a phat buildup. You’ll GO LOCO!!

  • @Bornemark I was wondering the same thing. And you can’t adjust the volume anymore

  • wtf is this shit?

  • this is gonna work like a fucking charm at festivals, nowhere else though

  • hahaha this sounds so bad. its like a song with only a few layers put together really fast on fl studio.

  • yeah good job DV & LM you’ve obviously discovered the Nexus plugin in the break.. sound like total crap and the drop doesnt even fit with the s.c ”melodic-break”. I’m very disappointed…..

  • hahaha. WTF?! this is so bad

  • pulp Music
    though can ..no.. will be very effective at a festival

  • I kinda feel that this is a bit slow.. anyone?

  • This will sound good on anything with bass.. Not a bad production at all in my opinion

  • the’yve made lo-fi after the drop on purpose, but imo it does not stack well with the dirty-dutch sound

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