To the vast majority of club minded peers, Ne-Yo’s sugary vocals are the stuff of nightmares. But with his integrity still intact, Parisian crusader Gregori Klosman follows up his heavy-stepping remix of Zedd’s ‘Spectrum‘ alongside Tristan Garner with an ambitious take on the American pop sensation’s latest single ‘Let Me Love You’.

In the same vein as his latest Spinnin Records release, ‘Minibar‘, Klosman complements the radio friendly vocals of the original with high-pitched synth work and his signature dotted Electro House. As infectious and club friendly as well-groomed crossovers can get to the dark side, his return to the more mainstream coasts of urban crossovers marks one of his larger tests thus far and makes for further prosperity for 2012.

Out September 25 on Interscope Records.

12 Comments to “Preview: Ne-Yo – Let Me Love You (Gregori Klosman Remix)”

  • Please tell me there will be an instrumental ..

  • the vocals are off tempo, i second Orre’s motion

  • Buy yourself ears, vocal is not off tempo. Ne-Yo is just groovin.

  • Listen to the original and you will understand.

  • fuck there’s no minibar!

  • The vocals aren’t off tempo, people just don’t understand syncopation.

  • killing it!!!

  • Full version PLZ :D

  • lol @JM !
    instrumental plz. ,

  • The vocals are great imo!

  • Ne-Yo is not grooving, and it’s not off tempo.
    I would say that some notes of the instrumental are sometimes not the best ones to fit with Ne-Yo notes, but it’s still a 7A (Dm).

  • haha love this!

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