With organic Electro cuts reaching an all time peak in popularity for 2012, Norwich’s Brett Ewels embraces his Louis La Roche moniker to take on British indie rock band Noisettes’ ‘Winner’ to extend the genres already victorious spree. Already charged with feel-good energy throughout, the Ewels lace seamless beats with uplifting surges of synth work to affirmatively utilise the originals distinct vocal stylings. Rallying intense melodic progressions throughout, Louis La Roche emerges as one of the more potent examples of Electro enthusiasm to touch the mainstream remix circuit this year.

4 Comments to “Preview: Noisettes – Winner (Louis La Roche Remix)”

  • louis la roche is incredibly talented! nuff said.

  • awesome

  • to be honest I dont fee; the ”raw club floor energy”
    smoothly produced., like the song . but more as song to drive to home in the middle of the night.

  • JK: That wasn’t even supposed to be in there, haha.. Edited now, thanks for the heads-up.

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