Having comfortably executed his debut single ‘WTF‘ for own label venture Protocol Recordings, hotly tipped Dutch House renegade Nicky Romero marks round two with a high-profile collaboration with Scottish Electro-pop enthusiast Calvin Harris. Accompanied by Harris’s familiar vocal assets, ‘Iron’ embraces the peak time fixation with wobble-induced Electro House to score a successive second outing for Romero’s fresh label endeavor. Ahead of a world radio premiere on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection on Friday and brandishing all the hallmarks of a modern age festival favorite, Romero’s coarse yet melodic club getup proves as equally suitable for such chart-savvy top lines as it does a gleaming asset to this firm extension of his ongoing industry overhaul.

Update: ‘Iron’ will be released September 10 on Protocol Recordings.

Words by Dan Carter

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  • clash

  • I like the fact that nicky experiments with different sounds. When’s the release?

  • CLASH!!!!!!!!

  • haha nicky what a douchebag, copies clash..Wow he’s going down the drain..He have done so many copys of other tracks right now *facepalm*

    First copies albin myers in ”metropolis” together with guetta, then copies michael calfan in the same track.. Then now copies alesso..Any more copying he have made?

  • @freee

    Nicky Romero – Generation 303
    -> Hardwell & Joeysuki – Munster

  • hmm copy clash…?

  • this sounds nothing like Clash at all.

  • @Michael burrows

    Haha are you kidding me?

  • @Michael burrows

    Haha are you kidding me? listen 1:40 and forward

  • @kid

    No he’s not kidding you, just the first two chords of the lead melody are like clash.

  • Lol I also see no big similiarity to Clash.

    Love it since the first play. Can’t wait for 10th September :)

  • Immediately when i heard the song i kinda felt that I had heard it before. This had me puzzled for a while since I don’t recall ever listening to a song by Calvin Harris and Nicky Romero. After reading the first comment i realised where i had heard the song before. It’s an absolute copy of clash and don’t try to tell anyone otherwise. I did not agree earlier when everyone said that metropolis was basically the same song as Resurrection, sure they were similar but they still had their own sound. In this case however Nicky has clearly just copied the sound of clash. It makes me sad that such a talented producer such as Romero has sunk to a level where he is stealing sounds and songs, but i guess that’s what happens when you hang around Guetta too much…

  • Lol, yeah it’s Guetta’s fault^^

    Also if you see their similiarities, what about the other romero tracks?

    Oval, Body High, Symphonica, Like Home, that Tomorrow track?

    So I doesn’t get the hate^^

  • hmm it really sounds like clash…

  • Shameless copy of Clash. No respect for this. This is the third time he has done this. Be original man. No love for this guys at all.

  • And don’t forget that he used a vengeance loop for Toulouse in the break. And then claimed in the future music video that he made it up himself. He made such a fool of himself! So Funny!


  • Copying alesso…

  • this sounds an awful lot like ‘Clash’ – not even worth it

  • Stop crying FFS, this is BETTER than clash!!

  • Sounds exactly like Clash. :O Just worse…

  • I heard this song called ”Clash.” I think it sounds like it…

  • The melody is really similar to clash, just not as good

  • wow, what a bitchmove to copy Alesso and then release the copy before the release of Clash, haha.

  • damm nicky romero this sounds like clash for sure when i heard it ytd i thought so too but i guess im not only one it seems

  • It does NOT sound like ”Clash” at all. You guys need to get your ears checked or something? The melodies are not even similar. You all just love to pick at things and compare every track to another. For example, ”Metropolis” is like ”Hells Bells”? What in Gods name is in your ears? I can admit that the piano riff is very similar to Ressurection but that’s pretty much it. And talking about the ”Toulouse” sample from a Vengeance pack, Nicky states why it’s in there in a video of his. Lastly, take the cocks out of all your asses and go listen to ”Clash” again. NO SIMILARITIES.

  • you guys realize he did the track with calvin harris ? he is not the only one to blame …

  • Lol, people are raging.

    Even Alesso laughed at twitter and gives a shit.

  • And Nicky made Toulouse before that sample was released. And when you hear the sample, you know that nickys version sounds much more professional and much better. The vengeance sample ist that, what you can hear in Chris Brown – Turn Up The Music.

  • lol

  • stop hati’n kidz!

  • Clashtastic!

  • Saying a song is similar to another isn’t hating, it’s merely acknowledging something you felt relevant when listening to it. In this case however, it’s just stating the obvious..

  • Well I guess you could say there might be a Clash between Nicky and Alesso

  • Agree, it does sound like Clash, but then again this song is also badass. Love them both. I dont really care it resembles Clash.

  • omfg this is ridiculous…. And Clash sounds much better btw.

  • I couldn’t agree more that he’s been copying most of the songs he have made, including lying in future music mag about the riff in tolouse.. quite a shame

  • I can see the similarities to Clash, but I would definitely NOT call it a copy!

  • Will there be a instrumental version?? I hate this commercial vocal stuff!
    And yes ,the others are right its a Copy of Clash, so he could has released it earlier.
    I think the next good Track will be Like Home, but the Release-Date will be Oktober/november i think (why are all the Releases soo late???)

  • to be honest look at the pop scene !? everybody is using the same chord progression but just a lil different and no hate there ?

    so why hate here.. i think the guys in the EDM scene are a bit spoiled..

    maybe people that say: it sucks and not orignal you can do better etc.

    should try to make their own music on this level and keep the productions on a constant level
    then we will meet again ;-)

  • Want Nicktim. That is all.

  • very similar to clash indeed. both are great tracks though.

  • Well Metropolis and Hells Bells both use those kinda wobble sounds. Now the melody is so similar to Resurrection. But it sounds awesome and is used differently so all good.

    Kinda sad that he used the factory preset arp in 303 for the melody in the break– But if it sounds good, why not?

    I hate the fact that people seem to copy these days in general. And by that I mean using the same sounds. Listen to the new Guetta track, same sound as the Reserruction stab and the new Firebeatz track, same thing as Hells Bells again.

  • @Lk yes I agree. Year 2008-2010 around those years was house the best! Every producer was creative and original. Even David guetta made awesome songs back then.

    Now everyone just go with the same concept that is selling good, and trying to earn as much money as possible. Every release must have a cheesy vocal and radio edit on it so it can be played on everyday radio and please all the mainstream people.
    Nowadays everything is about money and business.

    I’m not saying every producer is doing it luckily.

  • noobs

  • First of all, this does infact sound like Clash. Second of all, Clash is one of my favourite track from Alesso but – wich does sound alot like it – is the worst track from nicky so far. I feel like after Tolouse came out, all he has done after that is bull.

  • @detg: 2008-2010? Sure lots of good production were released but house go back way farer than that..!

  • Hmm, I dont really get the discussion here,
    Clash is just previewed on youtube and not released, nicky just released this maybe this production was already there before clash, how can people judge alesso was first on this melody? Usually producers produce tracks way way before they get released.. in nicky’s case look at Nictim, or like home… all done in 2011 ?

  • This is such a bitch move. Stealing the clash melody and releasing it quick so Alesso can’t release clash anymore., What a douchebag. And toulouse is a copy of the vengeance loop. Anybody who says differently dont know their shit cause the vengeance kit was there before dicky romero released toulouse. And that he plays it in his video as that he made it up himself…hahahahahaha

  • @joyrider

    alesso has been playing the id to clash for well over a year now.

  • melih: No, he hasn’t.. Nicky finished ‘Iron’ after the name of Alesso ‘Clash’ was out though.

  • Yeah but the amount of tracks he have already copied is not a good defense that he should have made this track before he heard clash..This is clear plagiarism

  • @anton how can u know, I know nicky played a remix for david a year ago which had this simular melody.. check 1001tracklists but it never came out i think

    not to defend anyone but I dont see what u mean, generation 303 second drop was just a sylenth preset had nothing to do with hardwell’s munster track. metropolis was together with davind, and nicky’s influence was more the first drop i would say..

    just saying u guys just hating..

  • Love this discussion and everyone always thinks they know everything

  • What the fuck was this? Same as Clash by Alesso

  • Hahahah I remember when I first heard this track, racking my brain as to what it reminded me of. Thanks to everyone here, I now realise its Clash. I love both tracks, but of course give much more credit to Alesso for his original take. Makes me wonder how the Harris vocals, which I love, would sound of Clash. Definite bootleg material post-release.

  • Nicky played this tune earlyer than clash.. so cutt the bullshit here

  • Rocco

    nicky romero is that you?

  • lol look at alesso’s new record with lose my religion
    has nicky romero’s bass.. so what are people bitching.. they prob inspire eachother

  • maliagi lol at yourself, it doesnt have ”nicky” bass..

  • lol @Maliagi

    thats a Massive preset!!!! jerk

  • I gotta admit it sounds like Clash, but let’s face it, it’s like better version of clash!

  • You didn’t walk out on me Mama, you just beat me to the door

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