There are two essential assets to the Russian Dance music community whose collaborative efforts rarely disappoint. Back on the mark from their acclaimed Axtone release, Swanky Tunes and Hard Rock Sofa reunite to don their own studio wits to Calvin Harris’ chart-worthy ”Let’s Go” alongside Ne-Yo.

In the same vein as the Swedish House Mafia-approved ‘Here We Go‘, the Russian fivesome swap the original’s synth-laden instrumentals for fist pumping moments and heavy-footed bass riffage. Showcasing acidesque drops and first-class utilisation of Ne-Yo’s sugary vocals, their lacing of intricate lead play and solid beats makes for music to the ears of those less enthusiastic about Dance music’s more commercial avenue.

21 Comments to “Preview: Calvin Harris – Let’s Go (Swanky Tunes, Hard Rock Sofa Remix)”

  • Wow this is fucking insane, so dirty, i love it

  • Is that nicky romero with make up or DJ Crossdresser?

  • This is horrible.
    We should get rid of that noise-prog-pop-house as fast as we can…

  • Tomorrowland was a month ago why is this only surfacing just now?

  • WOW! totally insane track! :)

  • Nicky’s face at 0:43 creeps the shit out of me!

  • Burrows: The video footage have been out since Tomorrowland, but the name is surfacing now.

  • Check out the guy in the video thumbnail wearing earplugs… Seriously?

  • Check out the guy in the video thumbnail wearing earplugs… Seriously? :/

  • Nicky Romero isn’t the greatest looking person on the planet

  • @manu you don’t seem to like anything by all of your comments lol. and why is everyone focused on nickys appearance? listen to the music!
    on topic:
    love the song. the breakdown is awesome

  • ^^ Melfres. Totally agree with you !

  • Aha.. It seems like Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa likes ‘Go’.

    -Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa – Here We GO
    -Tonite Only – GO (Swanky Tunes Remix)
    -Let’s GO (Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa Remix)

  • lol I’m sure I would wear earplugs too. My ears just get so messed up at shows. It’s loud music, sometimes louder than you’re supposed to be listening to it. My friend’s left ear doesn’t hear correctly anymore sadly.

  • These festivals don’t look fun anymore. They honestly don’t. I would never spend my hard-earned money to hear the beatport top 10 live…

  • there is absoloutely no reason to wear earplugs to a festival when you’re only going the once, I went Cream boxing night and never wore any and I have to admit the next day I did have a bit of ringing in my ears but that went after a day, obviously if you go to gigs all the time or if you’re a DJ you should definitely wear plugs but not if you’re only going the festival once a year, it won’t ruin your hearing and you’re just worsening you’re own experience the music sounds all muffled

  • @melfres
    Well I do like many tracks, but I just don’t like the direction progressive house has taken lately.

    And also that there is so much unreleased stuff from Axwell, Seb or Prydz.

  • Yeah, it’s a frequent thing for us. Also, imagine being in the front all the time ;)

  • release date?!?

  • johan: There is no release date yet.

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