Following up on the recently given away ‘Aftermath‘, brotherly duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike reunite with homeland peer Yves V to preview their debut release on Sander van Doorn’s Doorn Records, ‘Loops & Things’.

Building upon a slightly edited version of the renowned vocal expression of 2008 film Riverside and sampling Jens’ ‘98 trance classic with the same name, the minimalistic and grinding chord play alongside an attitude-filled top line make for yet another festival cut to their belts. Coming off two successful digressions from their signature studio get-up and with a stimulating summer of epic festival appearances under their belt, their latest endeavor encapsulates the hysteria currently surrounding this fine Belgian output of heavy-footed festival fuel.

‘Loops & Things’ will be released September 17.

14 Comments to “Preview: Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Yves V – Loops & Things [Doorn]”

  • Hope in Dimitri & mike: restored. Big song.

  • That ”Whoo” sounds like it’s from Sending My Love lol or something like that

  • why can’t i like this post? can like all of the other posts..

  • Haha, belgian clowns. They almost copied the original and made a dicksong out of it. At least Ferry and Markus did justice to the classic.

  • Orre: Try now :)

  • Fat track!!! Lot better than that Ferry trancy stuff!!
    Seems like I just reset the likes :) 19 .. then 3 :D

  • Hey Beat My Day.

    Just wanted to say thanks. Never commented here before but just wanted to express my gratitude for all your hard work. I’ve been with you since you developed from house4sure and you keep getting better and better. Keep up the good work!

  • William: That track samples the Riverside film also. (34 seconds in)

  • This is the worst track I’ve heard of them Belgium idiots of all their bad records they released. Nothing original and even made it worse than the original (which was a good record in it’s own time but now sounds outdated.

    How can a label like Doorn / Spinnin release this garbage??? Just because they are popular through one big event supporting them?

    Who’s gonna take down that big Bubble with these two guys in it!??

  • It would be so much simpler if they just played the goddamn original. like seriously, are these guys scared to play the original track?

  • Gonna be honest. I like this.

  • The original is a true classic of the trance scene. The riverside sample and generic drop just made it stand out in an unprofessional way and a huge disrespect to the original track.

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