As officially premiered in episode six of his monthly Phazing Radio show for Sirius XM, Aussie globetrotter Dirty South wanders out of his comfort zone to preview his for now private Balearic edit of Universal Love’s 2003 poolside groover ‘Ritmo da Rua’.

With a sound rooted with the more organic measures of coherent club fuel, Dirty South’s deep yet firm rhythmic progressions of his latest effort further indicate that his footsteps within the industry have not been limited to Progressive House. Despite reigning in somewhat less upbeat than his previous endeavours, his take on ‘Ritmo da Rua’ hits the nail on the head where stern Balearic grooves are concerned and further emphasises the positive vibes currently surrounding Ibiza-flavored House music.

22 Comments to “Preview: Universal Love – Ritmo da Rua (Dirty South Edit)”

  • WOW! I totally love this, great vibe. Unexpected as hell to be a DS remix!

  • Edit I mean*

  • FINALLY! Hope he keeps this sound up.

  • though i wish it was an original ;)

  • ‘Edit’ these days just means you are putting your name in the title.

  • WOW! In love with this tune! really groovy and summer feeling to it! :D

  • Marcus: In some cases, yes. In this case, no. Have you heard the original?


  • This is brilliant! Hope he goes back to this sound a bit

  • Dirty Groove!

  • epic. the current direction in which todays ”house” is heading is surely not the right one. hopefully people realize this and start to appreciate real stuff, like this

  • completely agree with Alfred, let’s hope this one gets release!

  • Oh wow finally some real quality house rather than all sellout songs with radio edits and bad cheesy vocals.

  • tror ordet CLEANT förklarar den här låten ganska bra!

  • but it’s just the same beat over and over and over and over and over?

  • lol michaeal Thats house music ;D
    I feel sunshine when I hear this. have a cocktail on me guys. like this song now, will love this song in Ibiza!

  • @Michael Burrows
    Hahaha.. You were born yesterday right? :)

  • This is definitely not outside his comfort zone! This is old dirty south at his best…I hope he makes a return to the techier side, this one synth prog house stuff is so dime a dozen now!

  • The only good thing Dirty South has done in years. And I truly mean the ONLY.

  • but,but,but, where’s the generic synths? the cheap drops? the overused melodies? the vocals that does’nt fit the song at all?

    CAnT RAGE 2 DIS!!!!

    All in all a great track. Best Dirty South in a LONG time!

  • In my ears its almost the same as the Ritmo da Rua – Universal Love (Brian Tappert Prime Time Vibe 2002) :D

    Best song ever!

  • Love it!

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