With the Beatport-topping first album single ‘Rock The House‘ under his belt, Dutch House protagonist Afrojack returns to present what is tentatively set to be the second single release off of his forthcoming artist album.

Joining Annie Mac in the BBC Radio 1 studios to talk about his life as a superstar DJ, Afrojack took the opportunity to officially premiere the aptly titled ”Annie’s Theme” – a track that has been a staple in his sets of late. In a potent mixture of low-end fury and persistently scattered synth play, Nick van de Wall takes a time out from the high-end collaborations to bring back the bleepy vibes of his studio output with maximal force.

Afrojack also reveals that he’s currently on the look-out for a vocal for the track, but claims that it has to be ”really awesome”. More info as we get it.

Update (26/10): Release date is set for November 5th. The official preview is now available.

46 Comments to “Preview: Afrojack – Annie’s Theme”

  • piece of music?

  • He’s hanging to much with Sidney Samson, it’s like “Get Low” from Sidney alot!! Miss the afrojack from “Lost and Found (1)” :(

  • About time, have been looking for this track for a looong time! Sounds better live

  • Ahhh! Finally! This actually sounds like afrojack! More artists should go back just a little bit to where they came from!

  • To listen to on your ipod? Probably not. Live at a festival? Fucking insanity.

  • awesome build up, but the drop sucks

  • He needs to stop with this kind of drop.

  • you´re right Lucca Machado, always afrojack makes music with this drop :s

  • This track makes me feel uncomfortable. Disgusting… Indeed.

  • Very bad :/

  • You all dislike it that much? I think Afrojack is all about stage presence, and I feel like this song adds to it, especially when he opens with this. it’s such a gangster song, the first drop is dope and I’d feel like a boss if i dropped this on the mainstage at a festival or some of the shows he’s been doing recently. Just my opinion though.

  • Great production, it’s drops like this that have made Afrojack one of the most sought after producers in the world, the haters will be proven wrong next time they hear this in a club or at a festival.

  • Anton när är releasen för denna??

  • Gåshud all the way!

  • Atrin: Finns inget datum ännu men skulle tippa på Oktober/November.

    No date set yet.

  • Really agree with Hook & Eye.

    This song is all about playing it at a festival. Afrojack music, you have to play it loud. Was one of my favourite sets at Tomorrowland. Including this song. So big at a festival :D

  • listened this one at an open air festival, and u gotta see how people reacted to drop, really good, not that kinda tracks like u listen at home or mp3 player

  • Afrojacks 15min of fame is over :(

  • Jag diggar Afrojack som fan men dessa drop som han har, visst dom är bra men ibland så går det till överdrift, som i denna låt!

  • What a horrible piece of crap

  • This so called house music will eventually be the equivalent to the ‘eurotechno’ of the 90’s. This is not house, this is a disease that house happened to catch.

  • Wow this isn’t even music. Afrojack take a break man, this is god awful. ”Pacha On Acid” and ”Replica” are just too hot to top and I think he knows that. There’s just no more hunger in progressive/electro house these days except for a select few – Thomas Gold, Deniz Koyu, Gregori Klosman and Third Party.

  • Im usually not a fan of these drops! but i think this is pretty cool

  • I really disagree with all of you who thinks this is a piece of crap. I don’t believe you guys have heard this live. Please do that and then come back and say that it’s a piece of crap! Just sayiiiiin’ :)

  • Check my Mashup out! With Annie´s Theme and Take over Control!


  • I don’t know about you guys, but this is the dirtiest shit I’ve ever heard from Afrojack… I was celebrating this for like 2 weeks and then I saw him live dropping that on a festival in Austria (where I’m from) and I gotta admit it was worth the money xD… I had an eargasm on that… I lost control all over my body… that was a really personal moment for me, I felt really relieved after that (and I’m very critical, there are only a few tracks of that kind). Therefore I could really enjoy Tiesto who played afterwards… The evening was simply perfect xD… so I’m very joyful that he will release it, because it deserves a release. PERIOD.

  • at least it’s something different than avicii, dubvision or all the other producers produce .. and i can imagine how crazy the drop will go on festivals!!!!

  • Heard this live over the summer – even on big speakers, it is a piece of crap.


  • Awhh yeahhh the master is back!!

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