As recently given a world premiere spin on Sander van Doorn’s Identity show, Hard Rock Sofa step up to the mark to unveil their remix of Norman Doray and Nervo’s forthcoming single for Spinnin’ Records entitled ‘Something To Believe In’.

In the same vein as ‘The Edge‘ alongside Swanky Tunes earlier this year, Hard Rock Sofa swap the piercing keys and vintage synths of the original for the duo’s heavy-stepping drum work and acidesque leads to play particularly well against Nervo’s signature vocal stylings. Celebrating the heavier territory of European Dance music, Denis Chepikov and Alexander Shapovalov’s latest work marks yet another powerful injection of adrenaline fuelled Dance music from the Russian duo.

Due out November 5th on Spinnin Records.

Update (10/10): Official preview now available.

10 Comments to “Preview: Norman Doray – Something To Believe In (Hard Rock Sofa Remix)”

  • Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes has become everyone’s ”Remix bitches”.

  • MASSIVE tune! :)

  • they should make less project, so their stuff could be more quality

  • Damn their stuff is so energetic!

  • Ugur: +1

  • Cool one!

  • Massive tune!

  • Every time!!! HUGE as always! Can’t get enough of these guys drums, too nice.

  • @Marcus if getting remix requests and being playlisted by some of the most talented producers/djs in the world is being a ”Remix bitches” to you, then you’re doomed

    @Ugur Haters Gonna Hate

    Catchy, sexy, heavy drop, their work is always quality, drums, leads, basslines, love this dark sound!!! BOOOM

  • Sick!

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