Formative LA-based House maverick TJR, a shining presence on the American House scene from the outset of his Techno rooted induction into the industry, has shown few signs of slowing down over the past couple of years. Following up on his Beatport-topping ‘Funky Vodka‘ and last year’s remix of Chris Lake and Nightriders’ ‘NYC‘, TJ Rozdilsky returns to Chris Lake’s Rising Music imprint for round three with ‘Same Old Fool’. Building around a fitting sample from Aretha Franklin’s ‘One Step Ahead’, TJR can be found basking in the realms of chunky Tech House and ornamented energy in this latest addition to his belt.

First to bat for the remix package, QiDD is on hand to give us his mesmerizing House take, with Zoolanda and Son!k providing the package’s two heavier-set remodels.

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7 Comments to “Release: TJR – Same Old Fool (Incl. Remixes) [Rising]”

  • All of the tracks are really great!

  • QiDD & Son!k are both great, and sound so different

  • cool mixes, but i prefer the original mix for sure

  • Lol, I thought TJR was a Russian duo. Oh whatever. Nice EP – I like QiDD & Son!k the most.

  • All the remixes were great, especially Q!DD and Son!k.. the original mix was great as well but did not quite live up to funky vodka of course

  • QiEE and Son!k are polish djs and producers. I was surprised that they would be make a remix track for TJR.

  • Love this sound ! Great remixes especially the Son!k! _o_

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