Deadmau5 and Gerard Way unite to release the highest budget electronic music video of all time and quite possibly the coolest music video to have touched Dance music this year.

Based around a brilliantly put together ”UFC” fight between two giant robots, steered by Joel Zimmerman and Gerard Way respectively, the official ‘Professional Griefers’ video makes up not only a fitting tribute to Zimmerman’s unhealthy obsession with technology, but an apt visual accompaniment to the mechanical beat work of the track. With a further cameo of a robot version of Meowingtons and a 2000-strong mob of Deadmau5 fans, the video is as captivating as it is indicative of Dance music videos done right.

Buy the track on Beatport.

Behind the scenes footage:

6 Comments to “Official Video: Deadmau5 – Professional Griefers”

  • yawn

  • Nice music video, interesting then the other music video’s released this year.

  • meh

  • Sorry, can’t be bothered. Not my taste. Personally I’ve had it with the Deceased Rodent. (I rather go just one more time baby for feline candy predators instead ;) )

  • Music Video of the year? I think so!

  • Huge!!!

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