Well over two years in the waiting, Laidback Luke teams up with Beat My Day for the release of his long-awaited single ‘Cambodia’. As a ‘thank you’ gesture to his devout 300k+ Twitter following, Laidback Luke continues the trend of giving things away with a free download of this mysterious set piece.

Straying far from the pitch-puzzled leads and heavyset beats we have come to associate with the Mixmash flagbearer, the stirring synth play and chunky drum work that make up ‘Cambodia’ make for something of a breath of fresh air amid the increasingly common mainstream movements of modern House music.


14 Comments to “Exclusive Free Download: Laidback Luke – Cambodia”

  • Awesome, thanks

  • Lambada.

  • Showed my mom the song since she’s from Cambodia, got told that i’m a retard. :) Win

  • FINALLY! Hehe! Thank you sou much! :*)

  • Nice, thank you so much guys. You’re unbelievable!

  • Thank you Beat My Day! <3

  • YEAH!!!! I LUV U!!!

  • Yes ! Yes ! Yes !

  • Kim Wilde – Cambodia ;)

  • goddammit i want that shirt

  • As much as I love Laidback Luke, this isn’t an original melody.. It was first created in 1981 by Kim Wilde:


    And made into a electronic track in 2001 by Pulsedriver:

  • Jason

    Luke uses a sample of that track, right, but in general is totally different! most djs use samples of others old or modern tracks. ;)

  • The sample ”aAaAaAaAaAa AaAaA” … :D

  • Hi , thanks for this remix, we love Kim in France and I’m a big fan since 30 years!!!
    Soon, JPaul

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