Say what you will about the wait, but as the countdown to their highly anticipated ”People of the Night” album grows closer, AN21 and Max Vangeli certainly haven’t lost their melodic charm enroute to this definitive landmark release.

Joined by familiar House top liner Julie McKnight, AN21 and Max’s signature melodic stylings are given an emotively charged extension courtesy of McKnight’s enchanting vocal stylings. Balancing distant keys and those familiar Size-esque synths with little sense of turbulence, it is evident that the ranks of Size Records has inspired a certain spell of wonderment for the collaborative force.

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32 Comments to “Release: AN21 & Max Vangeli ft. Julie McKnight – Bombs Over Capitals”

  • Really boring :/

  • I for one like it a lot. Looking forward to the full album!

  • honestly…it sucks

  • Vocalen e brutal!!!!

  • Boring… Already seen!

  • great work as always!!

  • This one is sick

  • PHAZING -> Fucking Amazing

  • way too hardhitting in the drop!

  • Poor produced .. very ”un-lifting”.

    The weakest track ever from AN21 and Max, sorry guys =/

  • Har dessa herrar gjort något bra sen Swedish beauty?

  • it’s alright, nothing special for me!

  • An21 måste tacka sin bror Steve Angello att han har ”lyckats” i house scenen utan någon talang alls i produktion eller kunskap av musik. Alla låtar gör han med hjälp av Max Vangelli som inte är den bästa heller, därför det låter som det gör. Steve Angello’s Size bör inte släppa sån dålig kvalite av musik.

  • katastrofalt dålig vocal

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