Off the back of an acclaimed U.S. tour, renowned Swedish master of the melodic anthem Eric Prydz drops the long overdue third episode of his EP/IC Radio podcast. But making up for the delay in best way possible, Prydz showcases an extended 70 minute mix of a whopping 10 unreleased productions and edits as well as yet another spin of the forthcoming official vocal version of ‘Mirage’, featuring Empire Of The Sun.

Leaping between such fresh material as Fehrplay’s ‘Incognito’ follow-up entitled ‘Nightride’, Richard Knott’s ‘Locus Solus‘ and Pryda’s ‘Rotonda’, episode 3 of one of the most refreshing podcasts currently doing the rounds collected a further host of private edits and a premiere of a track produced by Eric Prydz and Steve Angello back in 2001/2002 for yet another jam packed edition of EP/IC Radio.

Download on iTunes or SoundCloud.

Update (3/9): SoundCloud sample for the entire podcast has been added.


01. Pryda – ID
02. Pryda – Rotonda
03. Audrey Napoleon vs. Kaiserdisco vs. DK8 vs. Pryda – Banana Soda Es Muy Loca (Eric Prydz ‘Murder Was The’ Mashup)
04. Pryda – Everyday [Pryda]
05. Fehrplay – Nightride [Pryda Friends]
06. Richard Knott – Locus Solus
07. Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Eric Prydz ‘US 2012′ Edit)
08. Deadmau5 feat. Chris James – The Veldt (Eric Prydz ‘Festival’ Edit)
09. Eric Prydz vs. Empire Of The Sun – We Are Mirage [Pryda]
10. Eric Prydz & Steve Angello – Bedtime Stories
11. Todd Terje – Inspector Norse [Smalltown Supersound]
12. Shamen – Scientas [Nippon]

19 Comments to “Eric Prydz presents EPIC Radio 003”

  • I have waited for this. Oh how I have waited for this. Eric is the only person out there who takes this shit seriously and actually plays tracks that is relevant to him and his fans. Private edits, private remixes and upcoming tracks without a name.

    Compare this to the regular shitfest we get from Lunde Bros, Don & Palm, Avicii and every other fucking house artist right now in their radio shows/podcasts and Eric is the only one who does a fantastic job.

  • lolmad is 100% right. im just glad that a guy as good as pryda is popular enough that many people can find him. you can’t say you like dance music without listening to him.

  • Does anybody now somewhere besides iTunes where i can download the podcast ? Its too good !

  • så jävla sant @lolmad, dagens visdomsord!

  • Pryda ID …

    I already started to whistle that melody …

  • 16 A.m: Download it via iTunes, then convert it to mp3 via iTunes and boom, there you have it.

  • Nooooooo please pryda don’t change ”everyday” Vocal has become strange and the second part of the track is better without it. Please…

  • herregud vad bra detta är

  • hahahaha, @lolman, +1.

  • lolmad +1

    Skönt att slippa höra ännu en permutation på beatport top 10 igen

    Älskar the veldt editen

  • @lolmad i agree with you there. alot of podcasts now are all the same, all that mainstream bs. I know of a very few podcasts that I really do enjoy. Thanks Eric, i shall be seeing you in dec when your at digital newcastle :)

  • I have to say i like this ”re-edit” of ”everyday” not as much as the previous version :/


  • MIchael


  • I agree with all the above comments about Eric is the only one who keeps this whole podcast thing real. A fair amount talking, re-Edits tunes that never gonna be realesed etc. But i gotta say the first version of ”everyday” is better. Something with the vocals just aint right. Shame cuz i really love the first version……

  • Omg and the first track is crazy !! Another massive ID from prydz never set to be released….

  • This is the best podcast out there no doubt, but i agree with people above that the ”re-edit” of Everyday isn’t as good as the first one :(

  • [...] showcased a total of nine unreleased tracks throughout episode three, Eric Prydz is back to present an equally impressive fourth episode of his monthly EPIC Radio [...]

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