In a year where mediocrity has too often overshadowed industrious progression, the hotly tipped debut album of industry peers and best friends AN21 and Max Vangeli has scarcely dropped from the global radar.

The product of two years hard studio graft, some 30-original recordings and the incredible experience of these leading European assets, ”People of the Night” sees the poignant Size favorites embrace their A-game for a firm yet melodic exploration of the modern Dance explosion. Still coercing the peak time sensibilities that has led their onslaught alongside Steve Angello’s imprint, the addition of such inspired peers as Moguai, Michael Woods, Kim Fai and Congorock keep the album well and truly rooted to the club floor throughout.

While the world has waged verbal wars upon the dumbing down of Electronic music, AN21 and Vangeli stumble seamlessly upon an inoffensive middle-ground where universal energy and upfront club music can coexist without a cringe worthy collaboration or forced emotion in sight. With ‘H8RS’ and the latest vocal single ‘Bombs Over Capitals’ already making the headlines for this long overdue debut, the European duo shines a light for the return of the full-length and the collective talents of these essential night movers.

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Words by Dan Carter

34 Comments to “Album Release: AN21 & Max Vangeli – People Of The Night [Size]”

  • Okej albumen, dock lite för mycket hype. Fresh Start är klart den bästa.

  • Bought! For a small discount, try out using the coupon code ”MXMGSEPT”. Worked for me.

  • Max Vangeli is not European. Therefore not a European DUO. Get you facts straight, whoever wrote this.

  • @ Sebastian W – Isn´t Max from moldova? Lol! Get your own facts straight before you start accusing people!

  • is it me or every track sounds boring

  • Whisper är fan bra!

  • now i feel bad that i bought the album on beatport it’s like i wasted 13 $ on nothing…. this album imo is at most mediocre… the only things that’s worth paying is whisper with example which is a awesome song

  • and I thought I like vafan too with that first tech/minimal part but then with the second drop it was like a bad/cheesy Avicii tune…

  • They made swedish beauty and gama then it went downhill..This album is horrible imo..

    The shm guys said in a interview I read before that they question their tracks they make themselves a lot..Like ”is this good enough?” For instance if they make a track and ask if its hot or ”really hot” , they throw it away if its only ”hot”..

    But with an21 and vangeli they dont seem to have this quality control???

  • @hej : totally agree with you…

  • and another thing they announced they were gonna release a album it took them 2 YEARS and this is what they came up with…?

  • You’re so funny. You waited 2 years for this fucking album. It’s out now what’s your problem? stop listenning with your phone and go to buy a pair of speakers. Word to the wise.

  • Sebastian W: Max is originally from Moldova.

  • hmm unfortunately not the expected quality … very sad

    overall a boring album with only 2-3 good tracks :(

  • The first drop in Vafan was nice! the rest of that track went downhill. Ok productions, nothing fancy really, some moments better than others :)

  • I must say that shades, diet, people of the night, and glow are all great tracks. The other ones are meh..

  • @andrew1156 Agree with you on ”Vafan”. Vafan, Glow and This Far sound too generic for me- i have a feeling all those songs were produced this year. They have 2012 written all over them. Though, this album has about three good songs and the rest are mediocre. Creating hype for two years and this is what we get. Whisper is pretty sick though, my favourite of them all.

  • Disappoint of 2012, what an awful album….

    Just sounds like they weren’t even trying to be unique or original, just boring sounds all around. Don’t like one track, such a shame considering the talent….

  • förstår inte varför ni klagar. detta är SÅÅ mycket bättre än alla chainsaw låtar!

  • Swedish beauty is the best song they ever produced.

  • WHISPER. STORY (been waiting for that one:) best tunes.. need to listen to the others more.. Is it me or do they use the same kicks for lot of their songs?

  • Except from 3-4 tracks, the album is a total dissapointment, a generic ”fast-food” prog. house shit. Really, how the hell did the get from Gama, Swedish Beauty and On Melancholy Hill (AN21 & Max Vangeli Remix), to this?? Really, such a big waste….

  • Overall these tracks are mediocre with some really good ones standing out. It’s not really what you would expect from 2 years (probably more) working on an album.

    Basically this album has a few gems but the overall quality is pretty shit.

  • AN21 & Max Vangeli – Diet is a copy of Matteo DiMarr – F This Club

  • I think at least the cover art is beautiful.

  • who cares where they r from the music is shit.

  • This is so amazing this is what I’m fucking talking about I haven’t been this happy about and album in so long. I can just feel the emotion of this music its so fucking good.

  • Poop. I like shades. Others are poopy poop

  • and another thing why didn’t An21 & Max Vangeli vs. Swanky Tunes – Mystery  make it in the album??

  • You have to be on drugs otherwise nobody would listen to the most crap of the album -.-

    Where are the minimalistic & groovy house beats i expected after 2 years of work from this guys O.o

    There some tunes i could listen like
    Story, Shades, Diet & Whisper but they are just average,

    the rest is just worste :D

  • After listening a bit more I have changed my mind. I can count atleast 7 tracks that are to my liking. I still think that some tracks are fillers and are really not up to the quality of say Whisper. But overall it’s a good album with some really good tunes.

  • lets get real, AN21 is only where is he cause is legendary bro Angello…albumis half decent, people of the night track is sick and Whisper is decent but is success is almost 95% cause his bro promotion of him.

  • This album is soo dope
    I would normally buy the album but month money was tight lol
    if anybody hasn’t download it yet , do so its pretty good

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