Pushing the boundaries of his craft like few other of his age, young creative maestro Pierce Fulton is back to take on official remix duties for American Pop-Rock outfit The Killers.

Further emphasizing his unwillingness to be typecast, Fulton presents a formative insight into his smoother side with a soothing take on the penetrating vocals of The Killers’ ‘Runaways’ single. Without overstepping the warm characteristics Fulton’s progressive stylings so seamlessly builds throughout the remix, the versatile American hopeful shows that his softer side is not all ambient fuzz, bringing a positive shade of character to the often overlooked realms of melodic club music.

The Pierce Fulton remix is set to be released on November 6th.

14 Comments to “Preview: The Killers – Runaways (Pierce Fulton Remix)”

  • Soft remix.

  • ..and I hope his new single Mr Mime will be released soooon!

  • I love Pierce but the remix is soft for his abilities and style and i HATE THE KILLERSSSSSs

  • Very nice remix and its melodic. Pierce is a wonderful talent.

    I don’t know why you are complaining about it being too SOFT. not every track has to be a BANGER. That is the problem with most “EDM” fans these days. If it doesn’t make them roll balls at a festival they wont like it. Most you guys only started listening in 2010 and have no idea about the amazing ‘non-banger’ tracks in the past.

    Open your mind to good music and continue to progress the scene :)

  • Nice remix Pierce

  • love it. finally another progressive tune for home listening. veldt got a bit rusty after those sleepy afternoons

  • @ wskprocessor – This is not of Pierce’s caliber. The remix is boring. How about Southern Sun <- well before 2010? My mind is open and this is not his best work.

  • A little too calm even for PF, but I still like it.

  • Not every track needs to be a banger! Why not up the tempo yourselves? Adds a little bounce at least.

  • Love it! Anyone who doubts this as Pierce style clearly hasn’t listened. Try his sound cloud before you voice your pointless opinion. @wskprocessor sums it up perfectly. No one knows their own style better then themselves. Simply saying a track is soft without any kind of criticism is simply ignorant. Not every song is destined for a club. Enjoy what the song is. A beautiful melodic track that’s got all the characteristics of a wicked chill track.

  • @ wskprocessor

    No, not everything needs to be a banger, but if your releasing something on a record label maybe you should take the time to produce powerful music instead of half-assed produced garbage with stacked supersaws as the lead.

    he should be embarrassed for putting this out and getting to play at festivals while producers around the world work on PERFECTING the craft of digital audio production and never get a shot because they aren’t grandfathered into the system

    sure it may sound ok to the idiots that buy 12$ earbuds….you play this on any average monitoring system and the flaws unwind with every 4 bars.

    instead of posting every submission from a record label, why not listen to the music with an eye on production quality. this is no better than the work from somebody producing for 5 months looking for feedback in production forums.

  • ” producer” you said it right. MAD RESPECT <3

  • Fuck you producer Pierce’s portfolio is diverse and rich. Reply when you have an official remix that gets posted on beatmyday.

  • this remix is ok, but i love the original one more

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