In the wake of the long overdue official release of the original off LE7ELS Recordings, Avicii’s ‘Silhouettes‘ gets the remix treatment from an unexpected assortment of producers from across the globe.

First to bat for the remix package, newly signed LE7ELS protégé Syn Cole, formerly known as Clashback, takes the lead with a Creamfields-dedicated remix of high-pitched synth lines and sturdy kicks. But where the aforementioned Estonian builds upon the Swede’s familiar synth stylings, Swiss producer EDX and Vancouver’s Lazy Rich bring persistent misshapen chord play and bass-heavy beat work into the equation to round off the package with two heavier-set remodels.

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0:13 – Syn Cole ‘Creamfields’ Remix
0:43 – EDX’s ‘Arena’ Club Mix
1:17 – Lazy Rich Remix

Update (6/8): Extended preview of Syn Cole’s remix now available.

14 Comments to “Release: Avicii – Silhouettes (Remixes)”

  • wheres nari and milanis?

  • what about that lovely avicii edit (that one with reference to ralph lauren)

  • @ Joachim, haha jävlar vilken svennebanan house lista.

  • I’m also wondering about the ralph lauren edit, will it be released? It’s really great

  • @ skrill1x

    Hahah, tänkte detsamma. Popmusik á la Joakim

  • The Syn Cole is Insane!!

  • Lazy rich is capable of so much more then this.

  • Lazy Rich Remix for me!

  • None of them are very good.

  • where is the avicii edit?

  • Syn Cole Creamfields Mix is FANTASTIC!

  • I was skeptic about Lazy Rich’s one at first, but after a few listens it’s my favorite. Very diverse and not as standard

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