Few have taken to the high-profile remix circuit with the same audacity as Finland’s Lenno. But in a bid to promote the debut release of Australian indie rock band Atlas Genius, the dexterous European hopeful continues the trend of free downloads with a blissful take on ‘Trojans’.

Packed with the same feel good vibes that have characterised his outside-of-the-box approach to modern House gems, Lenno complements Keith Jeffrey’s bittersweet vocal stylings with vintage piano play and blistering undertones. A bit more restrained than his previous works, the Espoo producer maintains the cheerful vibes of the original and makes for a sound remix of the already well-endowed original.


4 Comments to “Free Download: Atlas Genius – Trojans (Lenno Remix)”

  • lenno is incredible. this is not his best remix but still well above average

  • Lenno needs to learn how to dress

  • love this

  • Amazing! Just soft enough too!

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