Fresh off the Techno-oriented release of ‘Layerleaf‘ under his Dhillon moniker, proud Eric Prydz protégé Jeremy Olander is back at the forefront of genre defying musical movements to officially unveil his Creamfields-premiered debut EP for MYNC’s Cr2 Records.

Rife with those Pryda-esque moments and boasting an air of memorable atmospherics, chugging beats and a waterfall of colourful synth play see ‘The Rose Law’ take the headline spot of his first formal EP release for 2012. But with deep emotive resonance and melodic swirls, the equally impressive B-side finalizes Olander’s official return to no-nonsense originals after last year’s ‘Fairfax’ EP with utmost ease.

The EP is released September 17 on Cr2 Records.

0:00 – The Rose Law
4:10 – Rorschach

8 Comments to “Preview: Jeremy Olander – The Rose Law / Rorschach EP [Cr2]”

  • hmmm… not even close to his remix of morrison’s mine&yours. it’s just not for me. but kinda liked layerleaf and it has a touch on these tracks

  • I love ”The Rose Law” and will pick it up as soon as it is released. His set at Creamfields was great:

  • I think the quality is too shit for me to say anything. But compared to his bronte remix, mine & yours and kinetic these stuff doesn’t sound as good. It’s not bad, just not perfection total eargasm like the afformentioned.

    Still waiting to hear a HQ preview first though.

  • He has better original tracks, but this is still better than 90% of ”progressive” house out there.

    Still waiting for Malensa, Vivrants, Love Flight 2012, Milano Test and that track he gave away a sample of the other night. That was the kind of dark proggy stuff I love from Jeremy!

  • Love Flight is indeed great. I seem to be in the minority to get shivers from The Rose Law. The sound reminds me of Depeche Mode in a way.

  • Does anyone know why he isn’t releasing these tracks on pryda?

  • Patrik: I’m not sure, but ive heard that he has so many originals he wants to put out, and it would take to long time to release everything on Pryda Friends so he is signing tunes with other labels.

  • I would also guess that some are rejected at Pryda Friends as not good enough/not fit the style, and other labels have picked them up.

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