First premiered at Creamfields, Avicii looks to further bridge the gap between modern Progressive House and mainstream music as combines forces with Mike Posner for a new single entitled ‘Stay With You’.

Mainstream or not, ‘Stay With You’ stays true to the sound that the stadium-filling Swede has encompassed over the years for a signature union of infectious synths and warm melodic play. Calling upon the sugary vocal stylings of the American pop spectacle, this is another forthcoming release sure to earn the Swede some more stripes amid his continued ascent to global Dance superstar.

No release info available yet.

50 Comments to “Preview: Avicii feat. Mike Posner – Stay With You”

  • Vilken avicii låt är synthen från?

    Förövrigt rätt så tunn låt

  • The melody is wonderful!

  • Air piano level 100!

  • Quiet impresive!

  • Avicii …. sluta med det jävla pianoljudet, du förstör en go låt! Man blir ju besviken ..

  • Forthcoming album?

  • love them few piano chords, so simple yet so good

  • boooooooooooooooring

  • pretty nice

  • Better than normal pop music, much worse than house. Congrats Avicii!

  • Where’s the love button?

  • Release date: 2020

  • Def agree with Trey :D

  • @g den kommer från ”Abow”

  • Epic song beatiful chords, a bit cheesy vocals but not that mainstream just looking on the track it self, nowhere near what guetta is doing. A good progressive house song.

  • Sounds like everything else he’s done. I can’t understand why he’s STILL releasing this when he’s got so many good records that he’s premiered at Summerburst/02 Arena… *yawn*

  • @g Den är ifrån Rapture och Abow

  • So tired of this kind of music from Avicii. Make more tunes like – Jailbait, Bom, Alcoholic, Snus, Muja.

  • Great track, No way mainstream. Exactly How I want his music to sound

  • Avicii is back on the good side! ^.^

  • Fuck you Avicii, I hate you with all my heart. Good tune though.

  • How is this any different from all the other crap that he has done? Sucks big time..

  • Avicii never disappoints :)

  • Att gnälla på att Avicii låter likadant är som att gå till en pizzeria och klaga på deras pizzor. Lyssna inte på AVICII om ni inte gillar han, detta är vad ni får.

  • OK song…. Wish he would go back to his old roots though :( (((((((((((((((

  • @dRu this is his old roots, bromance and his remix on new new new was what started everything, both of them being piano songs, don’t get what you are aiming at?

  • this is why we all fall in love with AVICII.
    stay to this style avicii!!

  • @rya

    We all? I personally started to like Avicii around 2010 before the ”Levels-era”.

    Alcoholic, Muja, Snus, Bom, is the reason I and many others started to like him.

    Then came Levels and you guys. :D

  • så mycket bättre än alla chainsawlåtar där ute!

  • jag gillade inte denna låten, men kanske min polares lilla syster gör det..

  • tråkig, dålig, nej fyfan vad död och trött.

  • Alcoholic, Snus, Abow, Jailbait basicly all his songs before levels was insanely good. Now it’s just going downhill.

  • this one is a real avicii track, but it sound a lil bit like rapture…

  • Diskanten i vocalen är ju hur jävla jobbig som helst. Syftar på det i slutet av varje mening …

  • Is it me or this one sounds like his collab with Guetta, ”Sunshine”? This track though seems more static, like Tim didn’t develop the chord progression after the first two bars in order not to sound too similar to Sunshine itself.

  • Possibly the most over rated dj in the whole house music scene I think he is a great producer but a horrible dj. He has no stage Presance, can’t connect with his crowds, over all he is a really bad dj but great producer

  • It’s fun how everyone bash at Avicii, for making mainstream music and so on. I can agree on the parts where he has been a bit repetitive, but being repetitive is not the same thing as mainstream. The only reason that Avicii is mainstream is because he got so popular around the globe that the mainstream crowd started following him. The most ironic thing is that when he released ”Before This Night Is Through” under is Tim Berg alias, half of bashing him now, probably didn’t give a shit. Even though that track is sometimes what most of you seem to want from him.

  • Will Let’s get it on ever be released? I miss the real Avici with only one ”i” at the end, where is he?!

  • This is fucking popmusic.. Sellout :/

  • Isn’t this as progressive as it gets?

    Oh, and it’s a great track! Hopefully there will be an instrumental!

  • I agree with Pop.

    Curious question, those of you who like this song and other generic songs from big name producers, do you come to this blog to find new stuff from these ”superstars” or do you actually check out other stuff from other artists? These posts always have like 38 comments but the good songs are left unnoticed…

  • I agree with many of you here, ever since levels came out it has just gone downhill..

  • not my style but a smooth track . He’s a master in his field
    (ps loved the fact he played a rediculous super HARD set at Mysteryland. didnot knew he had that in him;))

  • This kind of tracks of prog house became pop style tracks, but avicii has not the fault that the mainstream pop artists put electronic music songs on his tracks.
    I love this melodic style tracks. but yes I dont like the idea of a pop track.
    I’ll be happy in the day that the pop artists make another kind of music songs and leave the electronic music as electronic music.

  • majk: jag ser att du inte har gått klart grundskolan.

    Det heter denna LÅT, inte denna låten.

    Gå klart skolan först, patetiska barn.

  • Can someone ”pro” please explain what is so mainstream about this track compared to what he usualy does. The lead isnt playing at the same time as the vocals which doesnt make this a pop song. Its just like any other song he have made. Melodic House is what this should be called.

    Who really liked Aviciis old tracks, Snus and Alcholic anyway?

    Please understand and spread the knowledge around

  • @asm:

    you can’t distinguish it just by saying there’s no lead and vocal playing’s about the appeal and radio-friendliness..not saying it’s anything bad to produce a radio-friendly, sing along humming track, but it’s definitely not music made for a club environment in the first place..i myself like it when a track is MADE FOR A CLUB and then maybe breaks out to the radio due to it’s power. If Avicii’s willing to do such a radio track with mike posner, that’s completely fine, because music is fun. but I’m not quite sure if I would enjoy this in a club. and clubs are the home of house music..that’s where it’s from and where it belongs!

  • @Henry
    I see, well I guess the difference between us then is that this track gives me incredibly amounts of goose bumps as well as this is what kind of music that makes me dance and I want to hear when I go out. If they want to play it on the radio thats just plus imo.

    And also, I never listen to pop music and I dont want to hear that at clubs since I dont get no way near the same feeling from that as I do from this. And why dont I get that? I belive its because Avicii let the melody talks while in pop everying is focused around the singer.

  • @Bazzone, yeah me too man. Nothing Without You was a killer!

  • There is noticeably a bundle to find out about this. I assume you created sure nice factors in options also.

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