With their fingers well fixed on the pulse of forward-thinking Electro House, Swedish duo Fuck Our Ordinary Lives, better known to the world as F.O.O.L, mark their return with arguably one of their finest works to date in Albin Myers-premiered ‘Grooby’.

From the delicate yet persistent synth work right through to F.O.O.L’s concoction of lush dubstep and blistering chord play, the Swedes breathe some promising energy into the popular sub-genre without a hint of contention courtesy of its more oversubscribed hallmarks. Weaving in and out of their apex with somewhat complicated symphonic progressions, ‘Grooby’ emerges as a stunning character reference to this fast-rising mark on the Swedish Electro scene.

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  • heavy shizzle

  • Tuerie !

  • Grooby pls.


  • like your everyday electronic song.. not impressed

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