As officially premiered on Pete Tong’s prime-time Essential Selection radio show, Size Records ringmaster Steve Angello returns to make a mark of quality with the more formal follow-up to ‘KNAS’. Seven months in the waiting, the final version of the so called 2012 edit ‘Yeah’ will be released September 29 and is set to make up Angello’s ninth solo release on his longstanding Size imprint.

But in thickening the production values of this highly anticipated return, our Mafioso man fuses subtle guitar-driven chords and skittish leads to launch an onslaught of steady beats, anthemic synth-work and precise rhythmic play to form one of his strongest solo outings to date. While the Swedish House Mafia continue to save the world with doses of heartfelt yet chart worthy club fuel, it is reassuring to see Angello return to the limelight with a promising injection of substantial club candy amid a universal explosion of fame and fortune for both himself and his craft.

The release of ‘Yeah’ has been pushed back to October 5th.

Update (8/9): Official preview now available.

Words by Dan Carter

32 Comments to “Preview: Steve Angello – Yeah [Size]”

  • What about the 2011 version?

  • It has grown on me, but i prefer the old version. Have you got release date for lights also?

  • SIICKKKK, finally it’s here!!

  • He’s back!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed he will release the old version also, perhaps a free download? =D


    Not my favorite steve angello release but way better than a lot of the crap released nowadays

  • I need the old version

  • Old version is soooo much better

  • Steve confirmed on twitter this version and the old will be released together. Also his collab with Third Party will come out in October.

  • Anthony: Have you got a link to that tweet?

  • Its true i just checked on his twitter ;)

  • Wtf this is really bad? :S Sounds like any releaser from a random russian producer.

  • *release

  • The 2012 version is a major improvement in my opinion, a massive tune.

  • Any news on this track too?

  • Same synth as in DYWC..?

  • Just one word to say : YEAH :)

    @Anton : Hey do you have any info about the new tune from Thomas gold – Scotland Yard ?

  • 2011 version is way better. The Rock Edgy Sound was so awesome. this is alright but not as good as the one.

  • I prefer the 2012 Edit. Way more energetic ! But hey, they are finally there ! :D

  • @Alex I think that is not the same synth. For me is different, In DTWC I heard a similar synth that ingrosso used on kidsos, a little bit lareyed with the main synth.

  • definitely prefer this one. really great melody

  • this sounds like some random progressive house sampe pack preview?!

  • @jan No it doesn’t.This blog is so full of negativity and hate because there are just so many producers who instead on producing just bitch on every production out there from well known producers.This might also be the reason why rock.pop and other kind of music don’t get so much hate because they are listened by LISTENERS and not stupid wanna be famous producers.

  • bad

  • Love it

  • @essentialmix Word.

  • IMO absolutely not breathtakingly new or frontier breaking stuff, yet absolutely danceworthy music. Yeah , wont buy it , but will enjoy it in the clubs.

  • But bob, you forget that rock pop and other genres are listened to by mainstreamers who are just following a trend, no point in having everyone lick ass to a song that they don’t like, huh? Everyone’s got an opinion, we’re not here to lick ass man.

  • Keff!! helt ärligt, tror ni steve själv tycker den här e bra?? eller släppar han den bara??

  • usch

  • F.Y.H: Fuck You H8rs!

  • I think this is at the top of it’s Genre! Both the 2011 and 2012 edit’s are great! Steve Angello knows what he is doing!
    There is alot of negativity today with regards to dance music, it’s simple if you like the track buy it and enjoy it, if you don’t, don’t bother!
    Don’t ruin it for other people by posting nonsense!

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