In anticipation of his collaborative effort alongside Calvin Harris entitled ‘Iron‘, Nicky Romero puts a buoyant twist on Mark Maitland and James Oliver’s ‘Point Blank’ for his first formal edit. Premiered by Pete Tong on last night’s Essential Selection, Romero’s beautified take on the Hed Kandi-signed ‘Point Blank’ marks a digression from his heavyset signature sound to plunge deep into the realms of synth-tinged Progressive House.

Leaping from segments of instantly memorable piano play to a blend of a grinding low-end, crisp hi-hats and bittersweet synth work, Romero creates a feel-good outing that could easily be mistaken for the chirpy younger cousin of his unreleased ‘Like Home’ single alongside Nervo.

Update (8/11): ‘Point Blank’ is out November 19th.

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  • Loving this sweet little piano! nice one :)

  • crap

  • Sweet piano

  • Years?

  • Indeed sweet piano!

  • gurra: +1

  • Just a another progressive alesso kinda style track, sounds like 1million other songs. Nothing special at all.

  • If you want some fun check out the Alesso – Nicky Romero fight @ Twitter. :D

  • Nicky blocks everyone who agrees with Alesso lol, I RT’d his Alesso’s comback and added the text ”I LOVE YOU FOR THIS”. 1h later I got a message saying

    ”what is your problem hater”
    That came with a block. lol

  • Hey Rez can you tell what’s happening between them in Tweeter as I don’t have an account?Thanks man! :)

  • I love Nicky Romero Iron – y ! This guy is such a bastard! his track iron copied alesso’s track Clash and Metropolis is a copy of Michael Calfan – Resurrection (Axwell Recut) somebody has to stop it!

  • I love Alesso but you guys are just being ignorant here. Iron has a vaguely similar melody as Clash, but overall they are completely unique songs. This melody/chord progression is nothing like anything Alesso has done. What, because Alesso uses that piano sound, no other producer can use it without ‘copying’ him? And Metropolis a copy of Resurrection?? Really? Stop hating just for the sake of hating.

  • No Joe. Metropolis is a blatant copy of Resurrection. Go listen to it. We’re not hating, simply stating the obvious.

  • @ Bob: here’s what’s happening. A fan tweeted at Alesso saying how Romero’s new track Iron sounds a lot Iron and that Alesso should have hurried up on the release so things like that wouldn’t happen. Alesso decided to retweet that fan’s tweet and Romero tweeted back at Alesso ”maybe we should do one collab together”. Alesso never tweeted back.

    Then beatmyday tweeted at Otto Knows about that new track by Scooter which blatantly copies Otto Knows ”Million Voices”. Alesso tweeted back ”it happens to me too”. Romero then tweeted ”right, it happens to me all the time ;-) ”. The tweet that really causes drama is when Alesso replies to Romero ”right, we get your ‘iron’-y” hahah. Angello then tweets ”ouch”.

    Or if that’s confusing, see the tweets here
    and here

    Dj twitter drama is hilarious.

    Maybe Hardwell and Romero should collaborate to see how many ideas/tracks they can steal together. They’re so desperate for attention.

  • I am not hating, I only speak the truth

  • Hey Guys,

    i can understand the people that are saying copy’ing etc.

    iron and clash yes the idea is kinda similar but whoe cares ? if its a good tune its a good tune copyed or not.. i mean if you listen to all kind of genre’s in music you hear that everybody is doing it.. the pop culture has like 75% of the same chord progression but still they sound a lill bit different then the other one.

    lets face it their are so many tracks done and almost every melody/chord progression has been done.. so its almost impossible to have a original melody or chord progression.
    so i dont think its a big deal if something is similar to a other tune.. its about the way its been produced ! you can get 2 totally different songs/tracks even thoug it has the same melody..

    in the end its all about the music and if its good, than its good and no one should care about if something is copyed or similar to a other song..

    but hey thats just the way i see it :-)

  • @New kids: It IS a big problem! Think further man, if people start copying songs like Nicky Romero copied Clash, house music will go waay downhill.
    And just because people do it doesnt make it right…

  • Yeah romero blocked me on twitter too, because of the Resurrection copy Metropolis…you can check the photo at my instagram: instagramarcuswolf he send me two messages, complaining I’m a hater and so on. After that I asked him again on his essential mix Q&A and he told me that Metropolis is his own production and stuff…I mean Nicky produces good tunes, Toulouse is a bomb in all of my sets, but this copying stuff just sucks..

  • Hahahahahahahaha

  • Wow, I need to get myself af Twitter-account! Just can’t miss out on this kind of drama! :D

  • The biggest in my opinion
    Nicky Romero – Generation 303 -> Hardwell & Joeysuki – Munster
    WTF!? -> stolen from ZROQ

    But this track is not a copy of any track in my opinion.
    And he made also really good tracks like Sparks or Remix of Flash and Rockin’ High.
    Just my opinion.

  • Haters gonna hate ;) SO, FUCK YOU ALL!!!

  • Personally, Nicky seems like a bullied person coming back, Musicaly Nicky seems like a ”whatever the mainstream public’s gonna like, I like”- person.

    What I just wrote is probably a grammaticly rape of the so inplausible language of the great British. Nevertheless, what I just wrote is commonly known truth.

    Love for the music, nothing less.


  • Key Up company – Let’s Go (Original Mix)
    Nicky Romero feat. Nervo – Like Home (Original Mix)
    similar? )

  • Everything is ok between alesso and nicky romero right? because I was on creamfields 5 days ago and Alesso droped that nicky upcoming track called ’symphonica’.

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