Love him or hate him, but you would struggle to escape the wrath that is pop-savvy Dance veteran David Guetta these days. Off the heels of his ongoing plight to unite popular music and dance floors across the globe, the French superstar is joined by Alesso, Daddy’s Groove, Nervo, Tegan & Sara and Taped Rai for strong additions to the re-release of his ‘Nothing But The Beat’ album.

Carrying the strong Progressive hallmarks and deep melodic undertones that Alesso become a beacon to, the headline spot of ‘Nothing But The Beat 2.0′ sees Guetta joined by the Swedish melody maker and Canadian Indie Pop outfit Tegan & Sara for yet another memorable vocal track for 2012 in ‘Every Chance We Get We Run’.

In the same blissful vein, Guetta summons in Italy trio Daddy’s Groove and sisterly duo Nervo for an emotive union of strong guitar riffs and the Aussie sisters’ infectious vocal stylings. With the familiar rigid pop sensibilities that have continued to characterise Guetta’s hotly discussed ascent, ‘In My Head’ leaves just enough room for Taped Rai’s heartrending voice to drive home the album’s most beatific track in ‘Just One Last Time’. But straying reassuringly far from his more sugary stylings, Guetta plunges deep into the heavyset realms of Dance music for the final new addition to ‘Nothing But The Beat 2.0′, rounding off the package with an instrumental concoction of piercing keys and churning low-end.

While Guetta’s leaning towards the more mainstream shores of Dance music may be the industry’s worst kept secret of late, this fine collection of artists prove that a book cannot be judged by its cover in times of universal hysteria for modern Dance music.

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27 Comments to “Release: David Guetta – Nothing But The Beat 2.0”

  • Alesso’s name first in the collab?! :D This is how it should be done!

  • I hate to admit it, but I like all four songs. It will probably end up in my guilty pleasure box

  • I am really impressed by this album.. all tracks are so good. The collab with Alesso is so emotional! One of those songs that will spread to a wider audience than just EDM nerds which I think is a good thing. There is nothing wrong with EDM getting bigger and ”mainstream”.

  • As zedd said, ”there has to be a mainstream for there to be an underground” . or was it avicii? can’t remember, but it’s very true. kind of sick of that discussion anyways. i think it’s just a matter from where you look at it. from an usher-fan’s perspective, this is prolly underground.

    i don’t care if this is mainstream though, i like it and that’s good enough for me.

  • Pretty good songs, to be honoust. Only that tapestop shitty thing going on in ”just one last ;time” makes me frustrated. That’s soo 2011…

  • The fourth track named ”What The F***” will be played A LOT! I’ve been scavenging the internetz for months after I heard it at Summerburst in Gothenburg this summer.

  • Just One Last Time is an absolute banger! ♥ I love this song, my new favourite one in 2012! Guetta made it into my ringtone once again! Great re-release!

  • what the f*** just hurt my ears in the drop, wtf seems a proper name

  • De 3 första låtarna var något ut av det bästa jag hört för tillfället. JÄVLAR vad bra! tyvärr förstörde ju den sista låten allt. Säger som låt titeln; What The Fuck?????

  • @ PRall… Underground? Really? Wow !

  • I hate that his releases on FMIF don’t have intros/outros.. :/

  • The Alesso collab is great, so emotional!

  • @Mick, I think you misunderstood me…. My favorite producer is joris voorn so this is nothing short of mainstream to me. I just said from an usher fan’s point of view, i wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. mainstream/underground, whatever. how about we just rate it good/bad as normal people instead?

  • 4an är ju katastrof. Älskar det typ av sound i vanliga fall, men den är ju extremt tråkig och jag får fan ont i öronen av den. Dåligt mixad, var fan är de lägre frekvenserna i snaren?

  • Every one sounds great

  • Every Chance We Run reminds me of Gui Boratto – No Turning Back

  • ”Play Hard” is also new, although more mainstream. Overall though, I was a big fan of the original release, good mix of mainstream and also sick house (loved Alphabeat). The man knows how to please.

  • garbage

  • What The Fuck sounds horrible on the drop. the build is quite good and it was awesome if he didn’t added kicks and clips behind the melody, but when it reaches the drop it just sucks. And that reverb is just plain awful on the vocals before the second drop, it even goes over the drop.

    One Last Time and In My Head is pretty good and surprisingly good produced. But still doesn’t get me to listen much, there’s nothing unique on these tracks, just another ”good” track over there.

  • Not extented version about the tracks with alesso & Nervo? :/

  • I guess the extended versions come when he makes them to singles

  • Jag gillar just one last time mest.

  • Don’t hate, these are all good tunes. Guetta is hard to like after affiliating himself with the mainstream but there’s no denying his talent and abilities.

  • @Mike Yes.. it’s not bad and it’s sounds similiar to everything else in prog house especially .. so in fact the whole prog house family is mainstream, now… or it is a good try to attract more (real) edm fans, cause i know this will not be played in the radio, in germany for example and a lot of (mainstream) listeners will dislike it :D i mean it all about the point of view

  • They’re all short in track length because they’re meant for the radio ;)

  • What are the lyrics for one last time…? This is the end-station something, not this is the end sasha..

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