Having comfortably executed his debut single ‘WTF‘ for own label venture Protocol Recordings, hotly tipped Dutch House renegade Nicky Romero marks round two with a high-profile collaboration with Scottish Electro-pop enthusiast Calvin Harris. Accompanied by Harris’s familiar vocal assets, ‘Iron’ embraces the peak time fixation with wobble-induced Electro House to score a successive second outing for Romero’s fresh label endeavor. With a world radio premiere on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection under it’s belt and brandishing all the hallmarks of a modern age festival favorite, Romero’s coarse yet melodic club getup proves as equally suitable for such chart-savvy top lines as it does a gleaming asset to this firm extension of his ongoing industry overhaul.

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Update (15/9): ‘Iron’ just hit the no. 1 spot on beatport.com.

Words by Dan Carter

30 Comments to “Release: Nicky Romero feat. Calvin Harris – Iron [Protocol]”

  • Scumbag-Romero

  • påminner lite om clash fan…

  • Agreed. Romero is such a douche. CLASH – copy

  • but you gotta love how people just bash nicky for copying the melody of clash but not calvin harris..would like to hear an official statement from them

  • Clashclashclashclash

  • Calvin didn’t have anything to do with the melody.
    And Nicky is constantly blocking and messaging people on Twitter who says anything about it. In one of the messages Protocol Recordings said ”… and hey, dont forget about calvin harris!”


  • Clash kopia rakt av!! Fuck romero copying alesso

  • romero was good back in time with fx the remix of ”Keep On Rising” and his single ”My Friend”. this is just a straight up copy :/

  • No instrumental version?? :( (( the vocals are soo bad!!

  • Lost all respect for Nicky seeing how he acts on twitter and so on. This is an obvious copy of Clash, even Alesso himself implied so on twitter. Fuck him.

  • i don’t hear clash at all……

  • LOL if you dont hear clash in this song then maybe go see a doc for your ears bro sorry


    You think that’s the only thing he’s copied, try searching these tracks:

    Nicky Romero – Camorra is a RIP OFF of Axwell & Dirty South – Open Your Heart
    Nicky Romero – Generation 303 is a RIP OFF of Hardwell & Joeysuki – Munster
    Nicky Romero & David Guetta – Metropolis is a RIP OFF of Michael Calfan – Resurrection (Axwell Cut)

    I’m sure there is more if someone researched

  • Nicky Romero is a FRAUD !

  • Clash…

  • I like it…

  • Way too much hate…

  • If Romero wouldn’t have acted the way he did on twitter most of the people wouldn’t care or hate this much, if he’d just come clean and say ”hey, there are similarities to clash but they are two different tracks” then i wouldn’t mind listening to it, but sadly he ruined it for me by acting like that

  • I like what Nicky & Harris did with with Alesso’s Clash , its far less boring and much more energetic ;)
    serious: for sure I hear the similarities, but is it something to be really upset about.? for me No.
    And would they really steal that annoying sound, or is it youthful naivety to hear that sound, put it into your PC, play with it and come up with something they think is original ? I go for the later one..

    ps: would block many hater on twitter too if they start to throw hate texts at me., if only I had followers first :)

  • we’re hating on him because the way he acted/acts on Twitter. showing his true self – a douchebag fraud.

  • Not to mention his new track Oval with Guetta was obviously ”influenced” by Three Triangles……

  • James: Incorrect. ‘Oval’ was premiered long before ‘Three Triangles’ even was previewed.

  • Anton yeah its just hard to keep track when a lot of his tracks are copies :P

  • poor nicky..some weeks ago niels van gogh copied toulouse for a german remix and he told him off on twitter, now he’s getting the same :D he should have either said nothing about it or something de-escalating..most certainly not ”whats your problem haters / calvin harris is in this with me too” bla

    tell me more about your public relations skills :D

  • As someone already stated, he’s copying way too much..

    Nicky Romero – Camorra is a RIP OFF of Axwell & Dirty South – Open Your Heart
    Nicky Romero – Generation 303 is a RIP OFF of Hardwell & Joeysuki – Munster
    Nicky Romero & David Guetta – Metropolis is a RIP OFF of Michael Calfan – Resurrection (Axwell Cut)

    and there are more for sure. Now this.. it’s kind of sad that he does this since he’s a good producer inoverall..

  • metropolis ripped albin myers hells bells as well with the bassline

  • It is similar to Clash in a way, but the drop is almost the same as Blood Rush…

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